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Expert Guide For Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking | Tips to Improve Mobile Banking Security

The mobile banking is the most convenient and easy to use service provided by the Allahabad bank. The Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking app named as ‘Allmobile’ . It allows the user to use banking service with just few touch on your smartphone.

Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking Registration

To use allmobile mobile banking application the customer needs to visit the nearest Allahabad bank branch and register. For registration, the customer needs to duly fill the registration form and register the saving bank or current bank account for Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking. Next Day customer will receive an SMS containing URL to download the application along with the application password i.e. MPIN and TPIN. If you face any problem in this process you can directly contact Allahabad Bank Customer Care at any time for quick support.

Now, the customer needs to download the application in their smart phones. The Android customer can download the mobile application from Google Play Store and similarly the windows and iPhone user can download the application from windows store and from app store respectively. Now, after the installation of Allmobile application, the customers can perform the transaction using mPIN and tPIN. All transaction through Allmobile are in a highly secure environment and are authenticated by highly secure hardware and software systems. You can also check how to register and usage of City Bank Mobile App and Axis Bank Mobile App here for better understanding of mobile apps.

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Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking Application

Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking Application is made by the expert team of the bank and is free from all kind of bugs to make it very secure and safe. Allmobile app has many features. You can download Allmobile for different platforms as follows  Allmobile App for Android and Allmobile App for windows.

Some of the salient features of Allmobile is listed below:

  • The Allmobile application has secure transaction processing.
  • Allmobile has Telco Agnostic.
  • Developed for all platform and works efficiently and smoothly on Java, Android, Windows, iPhone handsets.
  • The Allmobile application is tested extensively and hence it is free from all kind of bugs and error.
  • Allmobile works online and provides real time synchronized 24×7 transaction processing.
  • Transaction limit and confirmation by either customer or merchant.
  • Mobile Hotlisting and De-hotlisting is available.
  • Communication mode supported by Allmobile are SMS, GPRS, CDMA, and USSD.
  • Automated Transaction recording is present and preserving and retrieving system are present as well.
  • Dispute resolution and charge backs.
  • The Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking application Allmobile generate daily statement and dispatch the same.
  • Generation of exception and MIS reports and Data Analysis.
  • Parametrized configuration of transaction based on transaction value and transaction value is also available.
  • State of the art user Interface on mobile client application is also available on allmobile
  1. Auto application invocation
  2. Inbox and outbox functionalitie
  • Non financial services like balance inquiry, mini statement, cheque status, stop cheque hotlisting and dehotlisting services are available on allmobile.
  • Financial services like inter bank fund transfer (allmobile to allmobile and mobile to account) and inter bank fund transfer like NEFT, IMPS (Immediate Payment System)
  • Various Utility services like Mobile recharge, DTH recharge can also be done using allmobile mobile application.
  • Locating ATM and Branch and getting direction can also be done using the application.
  • Other services like PIN change, Transaction enabling or disabling etc. are also present in allmobile.

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Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking Safety Measures

  • The users should always keep their mPIN and tPIN confidential and the user should be careful enough not to write the PIN in mobile phone or anywhere.
  • The user should frequently change their mPIN and tPIN, so that it becomes impossible for anyone to crack the PINs. You can change your PIN with the help of Allahabad Bank Net Banking.
  • The customer should be careful while downloading the software and should only download the official allmobie application from the store.
  • The customer should not allow any unknown person to have access to the phone and should not leave the phone unattended while using the Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking application.
  • If the mobile phone or sim gets lost, the user should immediately de-register the mobile banking services from the home branch or should deactivate the Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking online through internet banking.
  • If you have stopped using the Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking application, then you should de register the mobile banking service.
  • Ensure that whenever you transact using allmobile, you always receive an SMS for the same on the registered mobile number. In case you don’t receive SMS alerts then please contact the branch.
  • Note that you don’t leave any confidential data related to mobile banking when you give your phone for repair.
  • The user should keep the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) code of your cell phone, so the customer gets the mobile phone blocked for its further use.
  • Customers should only refer to Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking portal for application download, view transaction history, change PIN and information about mobile banking. You can also compare the safety measures of Allahabad Bank with United Bank of India Mobile Application, PNB Mobile App and Yes Bank Mobile Application.

Security features Present in Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking Application

The mPay security system is equipped with the following elements:

  • The personal mPAy mPIN number to log in the application.
  • TPIN is required to use any financial services.
  • In case of any illegal transaction, there is warning signal provided by the application.
  • There is an encrypted communication via GSM secure network.
  • Mobile number is verified to the mPAY system.
  • Transaction number is not associated with ATM or credit card number.
  • mPAY guarantees that all the transaction that are performed are highly secure. The system only allows three key-in attempts after which the Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking gets blocked.

FAQ’s Related to Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking

  1. What is Allmobile?

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Allmobile allows the customer to do all banking related operation on the smart phones through the application. The customer doesn’t need to make any calls or have to use any SMS facility and WAP facility. 
  1. What are the prerequisites for getting mPAY Services on mobile?

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Following are the requirement to use the mPAY services on the mobile phone:

  • Customer needs to have a saving or current banking account and need to get his/her number registered at the home branch.
  • Customer phone should have a minimum of 200 Kb phone memory space available, minimum of 1 megabytes of heap memory space available and MIDP 2.0 are required for downloading the mobile banking application.
  • The customer should have the Allmobile application downloaded from the website/appstore into their phone.. 

3.How does Allmobile works?

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Allmobile can work on SMS, GPRS, and USSD mode. In the SMS mode allmobile work on the message texting facility that is available for all phones. All transaction and inquiry is done by SMS and different type of banking services are used by different SMS formats. National SMS charges are deducted by your telecom services provider. The SMS travels through the telecom service provider to the bank and the SMS centres within reply for the service request.

In GPRS mode the login authentication is first done through SMS and then after all the transaction is done through GPRS mode. Therefore at login through SMS, SMS charge is deducted by the telecom service provider.

  1. What are the benefits and advantage of Allmobile?

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Allmobile is a very safe way of banking.

The advantages of allmobile are as follows:

  • Convenience: No more waiting at the ATM to check mini statements and no more waiting at the cues in the bank for transferring funds. The customer can do all these things conveniently at home or office or anywhere in the world with few touch or clicks.
  • Time-saving: No traveling to branches or ATMs to keep track of your account or to enquire for the account details.
  • Accessibility: The customer can avail all the banking services anywhere in the world and any time of the year.
  1. What are the features available in Allmobile?

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Currently, allmobile provide the following features:

  • Fund transfer, IMPS, ALLpayment: There is an option of within bank transfer with which the customer can transfer money to an account of the Allahabad bank. With the NEFT, the customer can transfer to accounts of other banks. NEFT is a real time fund transfer service which allows transferring money 24X7. Using allpayment service, the customers can also recharge their mobile and do their DTH Recharge.
  • Balance Enquiry: This option displays the customers the current balance in their respective saving and current account.
  • Mini Statement: This option displays the customer the details of the last few transactions.
  1. How to download the Allmobile Application?

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A customer using Android, iPhone, Windows can download the application from their respective app store.
  1. How to download the Allmobile Application From

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The prerequisites for using the ALLmobile mobile banking services:

a) Visit http://www.allmobile.allahabadbank.in/MYPORTAL.

b) Enter the registered mobile number that is in the record at the home branch.

c) Go to Tools-Application Download.

d) Select the option mobile type from the list, read and tick the ‘accept the term’ and then on the download button.

e) The mobile banking Allmobile application will be downloaded to your laptop/PC which you can save on your smart phone.

f) Now transfer the application using USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

g) Finally, install the application on your device and enjoy the mobile banking services.

8.How to register for Allmobile services?

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The customer needs to visit the home branch for registration. He/she needs to fill the application form for using the Allmobile Mobile Banking. The customer will receive an SMS confirming successful registration of his/her mobile number. Another SMS will be received on the registered mobile phone number containing the link for downloading the application along with some confidential information like password mPIN and tPIN.
  1. Which mobile phone or operator do I need to have?

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Any phone or mobile operator will do well. Allmobile works on very basic phones as well, it just requires a constant internet connection from an Internet Service Provider.
  1. How to check whether the application has installed successfully on the phone?

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 A message ‘Application installed successfully’ will be displayed on the screen in the mobile after installation.
  1. What is mPIN?

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 mPIN is a highly confidential four digit number given by the bank to the respective customers who have registered for the mobile banking service. mPIN is used in the Allmobile mobile banking application for all transactions using the phone.
  1. How do I activate the mobile banking services?

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Once the user is registered for Allmobile mobile banking application, the user needs to change all the PINs during installation. Changing the PINs will activate the mobile banking services.

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