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Quick Guide For Axis Bank Accounts


Customers can manage their money conveniently by choosing an Axis Bank account that best suits their needs. Whether it is for daily transactions or to obtain the pension, customers can choose an appropriate account type.

Types Of Accounts in Axis Bank

The different types of accounts provided by Axis Bank are savings account, salary account, current account, safe deposit locker account, and the pension disbursement account.

The different types of savings account are a premium savings account, regular savings account, children account, senior citizen account, women account, youth account, government account, zero interest account, and the trust NGO account. Each of the savings accounts serves different purposes. Any type of savings account can be accessed online. When the customer opens a savings account, they are provided with a Axis Bank Debit Card that can be used to ATM withdrawal of up to Rs.40,000 and to shop daily up to a limit of Rs.1 lakh. Other features of the savings account, a multicity checkbook per quarter. 5 cash transactions worth up to Rs.10 lakhs can be done free of cost pre month. Axis Bank savings account customers are provided with special offers at Axis Bank partners. A discount of up to 15 percent is provided as partnering restaurants and they can also avail eDGE Loyalty reward points. The premium savings bank account customers are provided with unlimited chequebooks and they can avail 10 cash transactions worth up to Rs.25 lakhs. A  cash back of 10 percent can be obtained on movie tickets. Senior citizens can avail higher interest rates on their fixed deposits. This bank also provides Axis Bank Net Banking and Axis Bank Mobile App services for hassle free banking.

Three different types of salary accounts – the easy access salary account, prime salary account, and the priority salary account are available for employees. With the salary account employees can enjoy increased security and access the salaries without any hassles. The prime salary account customers can obtain the MasterCard Titanium Rewards Debit Card with a daily ATM withdrawal limit of 50,000. The daily shopping limit available for the primary salary account holders is about Rs.4 lakhs. Other benefits provided are the discounts at partnering restaurants, a cash back of 5 percent on movie ticket bookings, and waiver on fuel surcharge. The priority salary account holders enjoy additional benefits such as airport lounge access, 25% discount on movie ticket bookings, and the eDGE loyalty reward points. The third type of salary account, the defense salary account (power salute) provides similar benefits. However, the daily ATM withdrawal limit is limited to 40,000 and the shopping limit is set to Rs.1 lakh per month.This bank also provides great offers on Axis Bank Credit Cards.

Business personnel often make multiple deposits and withdrawals in a day. The Axis Bank current account providing limitless deposit and withdrawal facilities per day at the cost of just Rs.50 is the perfect account. There are different types of current accounts each with different withdrawal and deposit limits. For the normal current account, the daily cash withdrawal limit is limited to Rs.1 lakh per day and the number of transaction is limitless. For the business advantage account, the daily withdrawal limit is 3 lakhs per month. The withdrawal limit for different current accounts is 6 lakhs for a business select account, 12 lakhs per month for a business classic account, 1 lakh per day for sweeps current account. As with the withdrawal limit, the amount that can be deposited also increases. An amount of up to Rs.1crore can be deposited by Sweeps Current Account customers. If you are interested to know about other bank account features also then here are some banks with best features City Bank Accounts, Dena Bank Accounts and Karnataka Bank Accounts etc

The safe deposit locker helps customers keep their valuables safe and secure. Customers can book for Axis Bank Safe Deposit Locker right from the comfort of the home. The rent for the vault will be deducted directly from the account of the customer. An added feature for Axis Bank safe deposit locker is that customers can choose the nominee to whom the locker access will be provided along with the customer. Once approved, the locker facility can be availed at any of the nearest Axis Bank branches. The locker size can be small, medium, large and extra large. A higher rental free may have to be paid for the huge extra sized lockers.

Other types of accounts provided by Axis Bank are the Sukanya Samriddhi Account, pension disbursement account, and the National Pension System (NPS). The sukanya samriddhi account that was started in view of promoting girl education provides an opportunity for the customers to save an amount of up of Rs.1000 per month until the girls reach the age of 18.

To apply for any of the accounts, customers can visit the Axis bank branch directly or apply online. Provide the required details and the customer care executives will call you to complete the further process.

Axis savings account openingFAQ’s Related to Axis Bank Accounts

  1. How to track the transactions associated with the savings or current account?
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Customers can keep track of their transactions by choosing to obtain a monthly e-statement at the time of opening the account. The transaction details can also be obtained by updating the passbook periodically by visiting the nearest bank branch. Premium savings account holders can obtain a hard copy of the statement free of cost.

2. Is it possible to change the type of savings account?

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Customers can change the type of savings account very easily and avail the associated benefits. To change the account type, customers have to visit the nearest bank branch and submit the form for product change. A request should also be submitted separately to obtain the debit card relevant to the type of savings account. After submitting the application, a confirmation of the same will be provided to the customer after the product change is complete.

3. How can the current account customers obtain mobile alerts for the transactions or for the day end balance?

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Current account holders can obtain alerts for the transactions with a payment of Rs.10 per month. An alert providing details of the day end balance can also be obtained.

4. What is the penalty to be paid for not maintaining minimum account balance?

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No fee has to be paid for not maintaining the minimum account balance.

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