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An Expert Guide For Axis Bank Net Banking

Axis Bank net banking is an easy way to bank anytime irrespective of the location using a tab, laptop, or a personal PC. Registering for net banking services and using them is simple, convenient and hassle-free. Top notch security measures ensure the safety of all the transactions and value-added services.

Axis Bank Net Banking Registration & Login

This bank customers with a valid Axis Bank Account are eligible to access internet banking services. The different steps to be followed for registering for internet banking services are as follows:

  • Download the internet banking form from the Axis Bank website, fill the required details, sign the form, and submit it at the nearest Axis Bank branch.
  • Register the mobile number to be used for internet banking services so as to receive the OTP for financing transactions. The mobile number can be registered either online or by submitting a form at the branch.
  • The password will be sent to the customer by mail.
  • The customer can then use the password to login the account. It is recommended for the customers to change the password after the first login.
  • After logging in the internet banking account, the customer is prompted to register for the Netsecure service. Select the type of mode and enter the mobile number to complete the registration process. The internet banking service related to your account is ready to use.
  • It should be noted that customers who registered for view only mode cannot do the financial transactions. To use internet banking for financial transactions, it is recommended for the customers to register for Netsecure service and avail all the services.

The customer has to provide the customer ID and the password to login the internet banking account. The customer ID which is a 16-digit number is provided along with the welcome letter provided after opening the letter. Customers can also request for a customer Id by sending an SMS as CUSTID to 5676782 from the registered mobile number. The password will be sent to the customer after registering for the online banking services. The customer can also generate the password online as below:

Axis online password generationThe customer is recommended to have the debit card, ATM pin and the mobile handy at the time of generating the password. After entering the login ID click proceed and then complete the steps that prompt the user to enter the user information and other details as well as the password to be set.

Axis Online Banking

Every Axis Bank customer with a current account or savings account is eligible to use Axis Bank Net Banking. Using the internet banking, different transactions such as fund transfer, open a fixed deposit, Recurring deposit, shop online, recharge the mobile or DTH plan and others can be done with just a few clicks in a short time. Axis Bank Mobile App also used for accessing credit card

Features and Services

The features and services available with internet banking are as listed below:

View the Account Details

Get the account related information, the account balance, obtain e-statement, loan related information that is outstanding amount to be paid etc, demat account information, and credit card account information.

Transfer Funds

Transfer funds between your own Axis bank accounts, to others Axis Bank accounts and to accounts in other banks very easily. Transfer between accounts can be initiated through RTGS, IMPS, or NEFT services. Funds can also be transferred to a credit card. NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) is a fast and convenient way to transfer money from an account in a specific bank to account in any other bank. NEFT transfer to an account in a bank other than Axis Bank is chargeable at the rate of Rs.2.25 to Rs.25. So, for a small fee, the amount will be transferred from the remitted to the beneficiary in just a few clicks. RTGS (Real time gross settlement) money transfer service is the preferred money transfer service when the amount has to be transferred immediately.

The transaction is made on per transaction basis, unlike the NEFT transfer in which all the transactions are handled in bulk at a specific time of the day. Also use  The minimum amount that can be transferred with RTGS service is Rs.2 lakhs. If in case you have any issues with funds transfer, for clarifying your query you can contact Axis Bank Customer Care. The amount will be credited to the beneficiary within 30 minutes of making the transfer. The RTGS service is available from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm on weekdays and 9:00 am to 14:00 hours on Saturdays. The timings vary slightly from branch to branch. The IMPS service (Immediate Payment Service) is an instant fund transfer service available 24/7 even on holidays (Sundays and bank holidays). With the IMPS service, the remitter can transfer funds to any bank account using the registered mobile number and the Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) or through internet banking and the IFSC code. The advantage of the IMPS service is the amount is credited to the beneficiary instantly.

Visa Money Transfer

The amount can be transferred to any bank account using the Visa Debit card. Just provide the debit card number and the amount to be transferred to initiate the transfer. The Visa money transfer service can be used to schedule monthly payments and to track the status of bill payments that are already initiated. The transfer takes about 3-4 days.

Request services: request for a chequebook, demand draft, stop cheque payment, redeem debit card loyalty points, create a fixed deposit, apply for IPO online, and request for SMS banking and mobile banking.

Bill Payment Services

pay credit card bills, recharge mobile, DTH or toll, shop online and pay with Axis Bank Credit Card or Axis Bank Debit Card. To recharge a pre-paid mobile number login to internet banking account. Under the payments section, select recharges, select mobile and then click Add a new connection, and complete the registration process. After completing the registration choose the number and click the recharge button. The mobile recharge facility is available for multiple operators such as Aircel, Airtel, BSNL, Ideal Cellular, MTNL, Reliance CDMA, TATA CDMA, TATA Docomo, Vodafone, and Loopmobile.

Check for the availability of the service within your region. DTH recharge can also be done in a similar way by selecting the Data card recharge option under payments. The DTH Recharge service is available for Aircel Pocket Internet, MTS Blaze/Mbrowse, Reliance Netconnect 3G, Reliance Netconnect/Netconnect+, Tata Docomo 3G Dongle, Tata Docomo Photon/Photon Plus/Whiz, and Vodafone 3G. Toll recharge can also be done using the internet banking services. Bills such as the electricity bill, gas bill, credit card bill and the landline bill can also be paid using the internet banking service. Under the pay bills section, choose to add the new biller, and complete the registration. After registration, select the biller and pay the bills. Enter the OTP that is sent to the registered mobile number to confirm the payment.

Apart from the bill payments, Axis Bank Net banking can also be used to pay for monthly installments of SIP mutual funds, insurance payments, and make online donations.

Axis Bank Net Banking Customer Care Details

Customers with queries related to internet banking can check the FAQ section under Internet banking section. The FAQ section gives detailed information on the various security measures and the services that can be accessed using internet banking. If the customer does not find the required information in the FAQ section, then call the customer care on toll-free numbers – 1-860-419-5555 or 1-860-500-5555 from either the landline or mobile phone number. NRI customers residing outside India can call at 91-22-6787700 which is not a toll-free number and chargeable. Check here for ICICI Bank Customer CareDena Bank Customer Care and YES Bank Customer Care services which provides contact details state wise in India for hassle free banking.

FAQ’s Related to Axis Bank Net Banking

  1. What are the features of the Bill Pay service?

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The Bill Pay service is an online bill payment service that enables the users to view the bill before payment. Axis Bank customers registered for the internet banking services can pay their bills anytime anywhere using the Bill Pay service. Customers can also provide standing instructions for the bank to pay the bills of registered billers at a particular date. The bank takes care of the payment on that specific date. The bill amount is deducted from the customer’s savings or current account and credited to the service provider.

2. What are the charges for using the Bill Pay services?

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The Bill Pay service is available free of cost.

3. Can a customer add a new biller to the list of registered billers?

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Yes, the customers can add a new biller to the list of billers. Check the list of available billers in the drop-down associated with the “Add New Biller” option before adding the new billers.

4. What is the limit for the number of billers that can be chosen to pay the bills through net banking?

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There is no limit on the billers that can be chosen to pay the bills by providing standing instructions.

5. What are the steps to register a new biller to pay bills?

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To register a biller, visit the Axis Bank website. Login the internet banking account. In the accounts section, choose the pay bills option. Click  Add new biller button to the left. Enter the details of the biller and authenticate it through Netsecure to the complete the process. After completion of the registration, the biller can be seen in the drop-down listing the available billers.

6. What are the different options available for bill payment?

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Bill payment can be done in two ways – Autopay and the manual payment. In the Autopay option, the customer can choose to schedule the payment at a specific date irrespective of the bill amount or choose to schedule the payment only if the bill amount is lower than a certain amount. The amount will be deducted from the account automatically without the need for customer intervention. Customers with multiple accounts with Axis Bank should choose the account from the which the bill amount has to be deducted. To prevent penalty due to late payment, the customers are recommended to set the bill payment date one day before the due date.

7. Is it possible to cancel a payment scheduled under AutoPay?

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Yes, the payment can be canceled from the pending bill payment section. However, it should be noted that the payments cannot be canceled on the date of payment.

8. Does the AutoPay option provide for the part payment of the bills?

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No, the bills scheduled for payment under the AutoPay bill service cannot be paid in part. For part payment, the customer has to choose the Direct pay option and is available only with billers that accept part payment.

9. Is it possible to pay a bill after the due date as mentioned in the bill?

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No, the bills cannot be paid after the due date.

10. How to pay bills using the Direct Debit service?

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To pay bills using the Direct Debit service, the customer has to choose the net banking option for bill payment and then choose to pay using Axis Bank net banking. The user is then directed to the Axis Bank net banking page. Login the account providing the username and the password to authenticate the payment. The customer should choose the account from which the payment has to be made. After completion of the transaction, the customer is directed to the merchant site automatically to continue shopping.

11. Is there a limit on the total amount of payments that can be done with the direct debit service?

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Yes, there is a limit on the amount that can be paid per day using the direct debit service. The limit depends on the limit that is set to the internet banking account.

12. What are the different types of fund transfer transaction that can be done using net banking?

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Customers can choose to transfer and receive funds from accounts within the Axis Bank and accounts in other banks using the NEFT service.

13. What happens if the funds are transferred to an account with incorrect details?

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If the user transfers funds to an account with incorrect details, then the funds are refunded to the account in two to three days. If the customer does not receive the refund then should follow up with the bank. The customer should follow the beneficiary bank after knowing the RBI transaction reference number.

14. How does Axis Bank provide additional security for the online transactions?

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Axis Bank ensures high security of the online transactions through Netsecure. Customers registered for the Netsecure are provided with a temporary OTP to the registered phone number after initiation of a transaction. The transaction is confirmed only after the OTP is provided.

15. What are the different types of services that can be availed through internet banking?

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The different services that can be accessed through internet banking are – access to account related information, initiate fund transfers and bill payments, request for cheque book, cancel a cheque, or issue of demand draft, and investment services such as investment in mutual funds.

16. What are the different levels of security provided by Axis Bank for its Internet Banking customers?

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Axis Bank provides multiple levels of security for the safety of online transactions. The data that is transferred between the bank and the customer is kept safe through 128-bit encryption of the information. Access to the account is allowed only upon providing the correct combination of username and password. An extra level of security is provided for a financial transaction with the Netsecure code that is valid only once and for a short period of time.

17. What should the user do if an unauthorized transaction is identified?

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If the customer identifies an unauthorized transaction then it has to be reported to the bank without delay. Send an email of the complaint to [email protected]

18. What is the benefit of the adaptive authentication feature?

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The adaptive authentication feature is used to authenticate the users at the login page. This features works by monitoring the regular way the customer accesses the site. If any change in the routine is observed, the system allows the user to continue further only after answering the security question which was chosen by the user at the time of registration for internet banking services. If the user fails to answer the question then the access to the account is denied.

19. Is it essential for users registered for NETSECURE to answer the security question at the login page?

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Yes, even if the customer has registered for the NETSECURE services, the questions have to be answered to authenticate the access to the account. This helps prevents fraudulent access to the account.

20. How to login the account, if the customer fails to answer the security questions?

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Sometimes, it is possible for the users to forget the questions set by them in which they have to reset the questions. Visit the nearest Axis Bank branch or use the ATM services to change the questions.

21. What happens if the user fails to provide the correct password consecutively?

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If the user fails to provide the correct username and password consecutively for five times or if the user fails to answer the questions correctly for four times consecutively, then the account will be locked. This helps prevent unauthorized access to the account.

22. What should the user do if the internet banking account gets locked?

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If the internet banking account gets locked then the customer has to wait for 24 hours for the account to be unlocked. Once the account is unlocked, the user can access the account from the device that is used regularly. If the customer wants to access the account immediately, then the questions can be reset by visiting the nearest ATM branch.

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