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Helpful Guide For Bank of Baroda Debit Cards

Bank of Baroda provides a debit card for its customers to help them access their BOB Account very easily at any of the Bank ATMs. The card can be used to withdraw cash, shop online or at retail stores, and also for simple inquiry services that can be availed through internet banking. Using the debit card is simple and even the layman can use it conveniently. In the case of queries related to debit cards, customers can call the support team on toll-free numbers 1800 220 400, 1800 223344, or 1800 1024455. The customer service is available 24/7.

Bank of Baroda Debit Cards

The different types of debit cards include the Visa Electron chip, Rupay Platinum chip, BOB Master Card Platinum, RuPay classic, MasterCard Cassic, and the Visa Platinum chip debit card.

The Visa Electron card is perfect for everyday transactions. The shopping limit is Rs.50,000 per day. Cash of about Rs.25,000 can be withdrawn per day from ATM. The card can be used at any of the Bank ATMs, to make hotel bookings, travel bookings and more. All the transactions are made secure with a double level of authentication providing the transaction password. Along with Debit Cards this bank also provides the great offers on Bank of Baroda Credit Cards.

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The Baroda Visa Platinum is for customers with higher spending needs every day. The transaction limit per day is Rs.2,00,000 lakhs. A maximum amount of Rs.1,00,000 can be withdrawn from the ATM per day. The customers can avail reward points for every rupee they spend. The card is provided for an individual with a gross annual income of Rs.5,00,000 lakhs per annum. NRI with deposits value Rs.4,00,000 and above and the account is active are also eligible for obtaining the Visa Platinum card. Customers with the super saving account and the premium account are also eligible for obtaining the card. A fee of Rs.150 has to be paid at the time of making the request for the card. The amount will be refunded after spending Rs.12,000 in POS in one year. If you have any query regarding how to use debit card, registration, login and forgot password you can contact the BOB Customer Care at any time for help.

The Baroda Maestro is a highly secure card and is perfect for individuals with limited expenses of Rs.50,000 per day. The cash withdrawal limit from ATM is Rs.25,000 per day. The card that is issued in association with MasterCard can be used for online shopping, traveling, dining at MasterCard partnering hotels, and at many other locations across the world. The card is provided for everyone with an active account with Bank of Baroda.

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Bank of Baroda Debit Card Registration and Login

To use the debit card for online purchases it is essential to register the card. Debit cards with a card verification value printed at the back are only eligible for registration for online shopping. To register for you have to visit the BOB Net Banking. Registration is simple and can be completed in three easy steps. As a first step, the customer has to accept the terms and conditions as imposed by the bank. In the second step, the customer has to authenticate the debit card by entering the details of the card such as the card number and the password. After authentication, enter the personal details and create a password. It is recommended for the customers to have a good understanding of the terms and conditions before continuing with the registration process.Here are the simple steps for registration and login of other banks like Allahabad Bank Debit Cards, Axis Bank Debit Cards and Andhra Bank Debit Cards.

To login the account, the customer has to provide the debit card number and the password. The customer can proceed to make online transactions using the debit card after registration. Along with Bank of Baroda other banks like South Indian Bank Debit cards and HSBC Debit Cards provides the best offers on Debit Cards.

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