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Top Guide For BOI Net Banking

Bank of India provides internet to its customer free of cost, all one has to do is to have a saving bank account or current bank account of Bank of India. The customers can sit at their home or office and without any struggle use the online internet banking services. One now need not travel kilometers to the bank or stand in long cue for various banking services or wait for weather to become clear and one can simply avail the banking services with few clicks on the personal computer. Use BOI Net Banking for secure online transfers.

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BOI Net Banking Registration and login

Bank of India provides hassle free registration process, one can register for the internet banking online as well as offline. Star connect retail Internet Banking, the customer need to provide information like account number, the debit card or the ATM card should be linked to other accounts, ATM or BOI Debit card credential should be known and the mobile number should be registered to the account number. The above information are needed to register for the Star Connect Retail Internet banking.
After registration the bank provide the user id and password, which the customer need to use for their first login, then the customer need to change their login password and generate the transaction password using the OTP sent on the registered mobile number. If you have any issues with online registration then BOI Customer Care will help you any time.

BOI net banking registration

Bank of India Online Banking

With the BOI net banking the customers can use the transactional services like NEFT, IMPS, online payment, utility bill payment, online money transfer etc. and also the non-transactional services like account statement, status of the cheque book etc.
While Bank of India customer enjoy the online banking services, the customer need to be alert and careful about various type of traps and should have knowledge about all the security-related problems that one might encounter after the Internet banking services are activated. So that the customer do not get into any trouble while enjoying the banking services, he/she should keep in mind the mentioned points below:

  • Everyone who uses internet banking should be aware of phishing. Phishing is a fraud in which a person attempts to get the confidential information from the customer about their Bank of India bank account such as ATM PIN, transaction password, login password, login user id, CVV number, BOI Credit card details etc. Through fake pop-up windows, e-mails, and official like web pages Bank of India. The person e-mailing fake the identity of the bank and makes the user enter their confidential bank information and details on behalf of Bank of India or they might navigate the customer through a link attached to the e-mail to a web page that would look similar to the Bank of India official web page and the ask the customer to enter the details of the bank related to their account
  • The customer should note that Bank of India never sends an e-mail to the account holder to giving a short notice and asking personal details like debit card number, credit card number, PIN, CVV number, Net banking user id or password etc. The customer should be aware that the bank don’t ask such details on emails and phone calls. The emails send by the bank only tells about the services and the promotional offers issued by the Bank of India.
  •  The customer should be aware and not reply to any such emails and shouldn’t click on any pop-up windows or links attached to the email and should report immediately to the bank in case of any fraudulent emails and call that ask any personal and confidential details of the bank.
  • The Bank of India has always strive to give better user experience and services to its customer so the bank constantly enhance their Internet banking site and the customer might feel the changes in the user interface.If you are looking for Loans in Bank of India then they provide all type of loans at low interest rate.
  • One should always and quite frequently change their transaction and login password as changing the password would reduce the risk of leakage of the password and would make the internet banking account more secure.
  • The customers should avoid logging in BOI net banking on any unknown computer for example in cyber café, publicly accessed computers and should always try to login in their personal computers only. In any case or in any emergency the customer need to login in the publicly accessed computer then he/she should use the virtual keyboard to enter the personal and confidential details like the login password, login user id and the transaction password.
  • The best internet banking experience would be experienced in the Internet Explorer version 9, Mozilla Firefox 34, Google Chrome 40 and Safari 7.
  • Customer should not click on any hyperlinks to reach the official web page of the bank rather he/she should always type the site address ⦁ www.bankofindia.co.in .
  • While accessing the internet banking the customers should always have their computer protected and updated with the latest antivirus and patches.
  •  All the customers are requested to immediately report to any phishing attempts or any vishing attempts. The phishing or vishing attempts can be reported at e-mail [email protected] or can even call on our call center number 912240419191. You can also go through the other bank mail id’s like Andhra Bank Customer Care and Bank of Baroda Customer Care  for any banking related information.

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One of the advance way of internet banking, Star token is also made available for the bank of India customers. Star token is highly secure and works by two factor authentication which is made available for all the retail as well as for the corporate internet banking. With extra level of security in the internet banking, Star token has overtaken other banks in term of online internet banking.Net Banking made easy the funds transfer at any time with out visiting banks. Checkout Union Bank Net Banking, City Bank Net Banking and HDFC Bank Net Banking banks for hassle free online funds transfer.

BOI Net Banking Frequently Asked Question’s

1. What is internet banking?

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Internet banking is the services provided by the Bank of India that goes without any charges, with which the customer can fulfil their banking need anywhere and anytime round the year.
2. What are the benefits of the BOI Net Banking?
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BOI net banking offers it customer a very convenient way of carrying out their banking operations without visiting any nearby Bank of India branch. Which saves the time and money, which get waste in travelling and carrying out the banking transactions.
3. What are the criteria with which Retail internet banking experience are provided to the customer?
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Following are the criteria:
⦁ Constitution : Individual or proprietor or HUF
⦁ Mode of Operation : Self, Proprietor or Former or Survivor
4. How do the customer apply for the Internet Banking?
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The steps for applying for Internet banking are very simple. Below are the steps:

  • The customer first need to visit the official webpage of the bank ⦁ www.bankofindia.co.in and the navigate to retail internet banking, then he/she need to download the application form for new users. The application form can be availed by the above process or can be availed by visiting the nearby branch too.
  • The form downloaded need to be duly filled and then submitted to the nearby branch of bank of India. The form should be submitted along with the supporting document.
  • After completion of the above process, the customer would receive user id, login password and transaction password at the customer’s communication address through Pin mailers. The login password is pre-enabled, hence the customer can start the non-transactional services as soon as they receive the details while the transaction services can be used once the transaction password is activated.
  • Once the details are received like the passwords, the customer need to download the transaction acknowledgement form from the retail internet banking page on the home page or can even get from the nearby branch of the bank and then he/she needs to duly fill the form and submit it to the branch for activation. The activation of the transaction password can be simply done by using the Debit card at the Bank of India ATM too.

5. What is the difference between transaction password and the login password?

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Login password are used to enter into the internet banking page and then the customer can use all the non-transactional services like knowing account details, account statement, knowing the status of the cheque etc. but with the transaction password one can do transactions too. The login password has an expiry date of two years whereas the transaction password has an expiry date of 180 years.
6. What are the password to recover the forgotten password or regenerate the password?
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Download unblock or regenerate password form from the retail banking page on the home page. Fill the form duly and submit it to the nearest branch and the details of the password will be received at communication address of the customer.
7. Is there any service available at the bank of India to unblock or regeneration of password online, without visiting the branch?
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Yes, the customers can unblock or regenerate the password online if the customer have their Debit card issued to the saving bank or current account and the internet banking issued to that account too. The customer simply need to go to the official web page of the bank then to the retail internet banking page and then click on the forgot password link and then the customer just need to enter the debit card details for validation. On successful validation the customer will the option for Unblock login password, new login password, regeneration of transaction on password and activation of transaction password.
8. It is showing the message ‘’Invalid login Id and password”. What does such message mean?
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The message, “invalid Login Id password” means one of the below two:

  • The user is entering the wrong user id or wrong password associated with the retail internet banking account.
  • The customer internet banking user id is temporarily disable because of many unsuccessful attempts made by the customer.

9. I have not yet received the user ID and password of the internet banking?

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The details in regards to the internet banking may not be received due to the following reasons:
⦁ It may be due to the wrong registered address of the customer in the bank branch.
⦁ Or may be due to other reasons which may be known by communicating to the star connect department by email ⦁ [email protected] or by calling at the phone number 1800220229/002-40919191.
10. The customer only receives login password and not the transaction password. Why?
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The customer might have received the login password and not the transaction password because of the following reasons:

  • For security purpose the transaction password and login password are sent in different post and at different dates. Hence the customer may get both the password at different time in a time gap.
  • In case the customer has opted for only view facility, who only wants to do avail non transaction services, will receive only the login password and such person won’t be allowed to do money transactions
  • For other details contact bank of India.

11. What to do if the customer wants to avail the transaction facility and has earlier opted for only view facility?

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The customer need to download the transaction password form online from the official web page of the bank and duly fill and submit in the bank to receive the details of transaction password on the registered communication address.
12. How to deactivate the transaction facility?
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One can deactivate the transaction facility by either calling to the Bank of India customer care or by visiting any nearby branch of the bank.
13. What type of fund transfer facility is available in the Bank of India?
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The below following type of fund transfer facility is available for the Bank of India customers:

  • The customer can do self-linked account transfer, in which the customer can transfer to another account of the same bank or some other bank, that also can be called as a secondary account.
  • The customer can do third party account transfer, in which one can transfer money into someone else account of the Bank of India.
  • Bank of India also provide Third party interbank fund transfer (NEFT or RTGS), in which one can transfer money into any account of any other bank round the clock.
  • Utility bill payment can also be made for example like the electricity bill, water bill, dish tv bills, phone recharge, movie ticket booking and many more utility payments can be made.

14. Can one transfer money in the PPF accounts using the internet banking?

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Yes, such facility are available in the retail banking account, only if the customer PPF account is linked with the customer account having the internet banking. In case the PPF account is not linked with the account the customer need to contact the branch for the same.
15. Can one view his/her TAX credit statement over Internet banking?
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Yes, the viewing of the TAX credit facility is available in retail Internet banking facility.
16. Can one make TDR or RD over internet banking? Also, can one add nomination to their new or their existing A/cs?
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Yes, such facility are available to one in retail internet banking, only if one has his/her transaction facility activated.
17. Can one apply for IPO by ASBA over the internet banking?
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Yes, such facility are available in the retail internet banking, if the transaction facility are activated.
18. Can a person check the billed or the unbilled transaction done by the credit card? Also can one pay the credit card bill using the internet banking?
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Yes, but the transaction facility must be activated on the retail internet banking and the credit card must be linked to the internet banking.
19. How can one make online payment?
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One can do payment using the internet banking facility but he/she need to visit the biller’s site. The process for the same is as under:
A The customer need to visit the biller’s site for example, IRCTC, LIC, MTNL etc.
B Fill the necessary details and opt for the online payment.
C One would get options like debit card, credit card, quick payment and internet banking, choose the internet banking option from the list.
D Then the customer would be redirected to the bank of India internet banking webpage.
E Select the retail internet banking and enter the login details like user id and password, on the internet banking site.
F One should check the amount details passed on from the biller to the bank of India.
G Select the account for making the payment
H If you are using star token authenticate using star token or use OTP for second authentication factor.
I you are validated with your transaction password. After which the amount of transaction is debited online and the credit is transferred to the billers account.
20. What is Star token?
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Star token is a next generation internet banking tool and provide high level of security solutions, which is being offered by the bank of India to all of its internet banking customer whether they are retail or they are of corporate. Star token works with the popular and secure two factor authentication. Star token add charms to the internet banking as it provide a double plus level security and make safe the while operation of transaction online is carried on. Star token is backed by the next generation REL-ID tech and it is the first of its kind which even provides security if any funds are lost in case of any theft of the login details, or due to phishing or vishing or by any kind of malicious software on the personal computer. The most secure banking environment is provided by the star token to its user. With the star token one don’t need to use any other third party browser for doing the online banking operations.
21. Why should one use the star token?
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Star token protects its customer from any kind of problem that occurs during the internet banking and from all kinds of frauds that happens and that are constantly rising every day on the internet. Star token actually elevates your overall security and below are some reasons:
a) Star token has a control on you losing your internet banking user id and password.
b) Star token also protect you from any loss of money while operating the internet banking because of the various internet banking threats for example man in the browser, man on the machine and man in the middle.
c) If the customer uses star token for doing his/her online banking job he/she is ensured that he/she is connected to the authentic bank of India web page only and to any other phishing page that replicates the official web page of the bank and makes the user enter the details and misuse the same.
d) If one uses star token, the bank of India can easily distinguish b/w a thief and the customer and hence can easily protect the account of the customer, otherwise it is very difficult for the bank to differentiate.

22. What are the steps that one has to do to start using star token?
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The following steps are involved to start the use of star token:
a) Once the customer are enrolled to star token and received the docket comprising of the activation code and the verification key, then visit www.bankofindia.co.in to login to the retail or corporate internet banking account through any browser.
b) After this the customer will be prompted to download and activate the star token and an option of yes or no will be displayed.
c) The customer need to click on the yes button then he/she will be navigated to the download page of the star token.
d) Click on the download button so as to download star token for the windows.
e) One can also click on the star token executive to download the executive version at the bottom of the same page.
f) Locate the star token icon and click to open the star token.
g) Customer now have to enter the internet banking user id and click on the submit button.
h) Star token will ask to enter the activation code and there will be an option to match the verification key.
i) The customer now need to verify the verification key that they have received in the docket received at the registered communication address.
j) When the verification key matches then the customer has to enter the activation code and click on the submit button.
k) In case the verification doesn’t matches then contact star token customer support officers on 022-40919191 or email to us on [email protected] .
l) If the validation code is entered, the customer will be prompted to set some security question and answers and set the star token four to ten digit PIN too.
m) The customer should set both and click on the submit button.
n) Now, the star token is activated on the personal computer.
o) The customer will be navigated to the login page of the retail internet banking where the user id will be pre populated
p) Now the customer need to enter the internet banking password to continue with the retail internet banking.
q) When you are over with the banking activities, logout of the internet banking and exit the star token.
r) For the next time, now the customer can open the star token software and enter the PIN and the user id.
s) Star token will navigate to the bank of India internet banking official web page with the prepopulated user id.
t) Now the user can enter the login password and enjoy the safe and secure internet banking from the Bank of India.
23. How to enrol with the Star token?
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Currently there is no straight options available for user to perform a self-enrolment to the star token. But one can get enrolled by sending a request by sending an email to the star token customer care support on email address [email protected] from the customer’s registered email address with Bank of India. The customer need to mention his/her email id and customer internet banking user id in the request. One should note that request from the registered email address will only be processed. While sending the request please mention the email address and the mobile number as available in the bank records.
24. What is the star token activation credential?
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Star token activation credential are the details like activation code and the verification key that are used by the customer to activate their star token first time for enrolment. Both the code, activation code and the verification key are alphanumeric that are sent to the customer on their registered email address or their registered communication address if offline is applied. The activation credential is used once at the start after which it becomes un-usable.
Imp note: The user will receive the activation credential only if the star token has been reset or one has enrolled the star token.
25. What does it mean to receive a star token credential from the Bank of India?
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The received docket is a very important docket and the details inside should not be revealed to anybody else. It is sent to the customer on two purpose:
a) If the customer has enrolled for star token then he/she will be provided the star token credential.
B) One may also receive a docket containing the star token credential in case the star token has been reset.
26. I haven’t enrolled to star token then why did I received the activation credential docket?
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Star token has been made mandatory by the bank of India for retail as well as for the corporate internet banking who perform transactions online. If the customer didn’t enrolled and received the star token credential, then he/she must have been a part of the auto enrolment program taken by the bank of India to provide online safety to its entire internet banking user base.
27. How to update the mobile number details to receive star token SMS OTP?
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The customer need to visit the bank of India home branch and inform the branch manager or the relationship officer there to update mobile number. In case one changes his/her mobile number in future, he/she must always update his/her mobile number in bank records.
28. How to download star token, if someone is using for the first time?
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The following steps need to be taken for downloading the star token for the first time:
a) One can download star token if only he/she has enrolled for the star token and have received the activation credentials on his/her registered mobile number.
b) One has to login his/her internet banking account through any browser.
c) Then after automatically the user will be asked to activate star token and a yes and no option will be shown.
d) The user needs to click on the yes button and he will be navigated to the download page of the star token.
e) One can also download the executive version of the star token by a link provided at the bottom of the page.
29. Getting a message asking either to run or to save the star token setup while downloading. Should I run it or save it while downloading?
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It is always recommended that one should always click on the save button while downloading the file, the file should be saved on the laptop or personal desktop. After the download of the file is complete double click on the star token setup to complete the installation of the file.
30. The verification key that was displayed on the screen is not similar with the one that was received as verification key in the docket. What should the customer do?
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One need to put a request for the regeneration of your star token in their home branch. After which the user will receive a new set of star token credential.
One can also write to [email protected] .

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