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Helpful Guide For Canara Bank Credit Cards

Canara Bank provides a credit card with predetermined transaction limits for eligible customers helping them go cashless and shop anywhere. To be eligible for obtaining the credit card, the customer should possess a good credit history and the CIBIL score. The minimum annual take home salary should Rs.1 lakh. There should be an account with Canara Bank that is being operated satisfactorily. The applicant should also possess a valid mobile connection and a PAN card.

Canara Bank Credit Card Registration and Login

Online banking or phone banking services can be used to register for the card. To login the credit card account, provide the correct combination of username and the password provided at the time of issuing the card. The password has to be changed by the user after logging in for the first time.You can also use Canara Bank Net Banking for registration with out visiting the bank.

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Canara Bank Credit Card Online Application and Status

To apply for the credit card, the applicant should download the credit card application available online, enter the required details, and submit the form. To download the form, visit the Canara Bank website, click personal banking, and select card services. In the card services, click on the application forms towards the bottom of the page. In the list that opens, select the application for credit card and download the form.There are different type of Canara Bank Deposit Schemes are available to their customers.if you are interested then you can check here.

Canara Bank Credit Card Payments

Credit card holders can pay the bill in different modes. Customers with a Canara Bank savings account can provide standing instructions for deduction of the bill amount from the savings account. Customers with an account at other banks can make the payment through NEFT or electronic fund transfer. IFSC code to be used at the time of payment is CNRB0001912. The 16 digit credit card number has to be given as the account number. A cheque or demand draft for the bill amount can also be submitted towards the credit card bill payment. The demand draft can be obtained at the Canara Bank free of charges. Direct cash deposit can also be made at any of the Canara Bank branches. By using Canara Bank Mobile App you can pay your dues at any time with out visiting the Bnak.

Monthly credit card statement is mailed to the customer at the registered address. Customers can register with Canara Bank for obtaining the e-statement every month. Customers submitting the demand draft, cheque or using the NEFT fund transfer for credit card payment are recommended to make the payment two or three days before the due date to prevent delay in payment. A penalty of 2 % the outstanding due amount has to be paid for late payment.

Canara Bank Credit Cards with Offers

The different types of Canara Bank Credit cards include the Canara Visa Classic /MasterCard Standard Global Card, Canara Global Gold Card, and Canara Corporate Card.

Canara Visa Classic Card

Along with Credit Cards Canara Bank also provides the Canara Bank Debit Cards.The Canara Visa Classic card is offered for customers with a minimum income of Rs.1,00,000 per annum. The minimum amount of transactions that can be spent per month is Rs.10000. The maximum card limit is limited to 30% of annual income which is limited to Rs.3lakhs. The card is provided free of cost and the free credit period is up to 50 days. The maximum cash withdrawal limit is Rs.50000. The card holders are provided with accidental insurance coverage. The billing date is 20th of every month for Canara Card Visa Classic and last day of the month for Canara Card MasterCard Standard.

Canara Gold Card

The Canara Gold Card is provided to the elite group of customers. The card is with international validity. The EMV chip and the pin used for the second level of authentication ensure high security. A fee of Rs.250.00 is charged at the time of issuing the card. The transaction limit is 50% of the annual income and the minimum limit is set to Rs.50,000. The credit period is up to 50 days. Accidental insurance coverage of up to Rs.8 lakhs is also provided. The MasterCard Gold cards bill is provided on the last day of every month. Visa Gold cards bill is generated on 20th of every month.

Canara Corporate Card

The Canara Corporate Card –Visa is issued for corporate clients that are with S1 and S2 status. The card is provided for private and public limited companies, tax consultants, and partnership firms. Separate cards are given for international and domestic transactions. The transaction limit is set to a minimum of Rs.50000 and maximum of Rs.100 lakhs. The billing date is 20th of every month and the payment due date is 10th of the next month. If you are looking for much better offers on credit cards then the following banks HSBC Bank Credit Cards and IDBI Bank Credit Cards providing great offers.

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Credit Reward Points

Canara Bank credit card holders can enjoy reward points on every transaction they make irrespective of the card type. 2 reward points are awarded for Rs.100 spent with the card. Each point is encashed for a value of Rs.0.25. The reward points can be redeemed at the special Canara rewards site. The Max Get More program entails the users for more points. The credit points can be redeemed for the purchase of commodities or pay for services of different categories – apparel, book movie tickets, recharge DTH service, or for the purchase of other household durables. You can also the reward points for Dena Bank Credit CardsUnited Bank of India Credit Cards and Bank of Baroda Credit Cards for better savings.

The credit card is highly secure to use. Every transaction made at retail stores is confirmed only when the customer provides the signature and shows the card. Online transactions are authenticated with a second password that is generated after the initiating the transaction. The customer has to provide the one-time password at the payment gateway. An SMS is sent to the customers after completion of the transactions.

Canara Bank Credit Card Customer Care

For credit card related queries, customers can call the toll-free number 1 800 425 0018. The customer care service is available 24/7 except on the three national holidays. If the customer does not get the query resolved, write to the manager of the branch where you have the account. The complaint can also be registered by calling the call center executive. Download the complaint form, fill the form and submit it at the Canara Bank branch. If the complaint is not resolved, contact the grievance redressal officer. You can also check SBI credit Card Customer care if you are interested.

FAQ’s Related to Canara Bank Credit Card

  1. What are the uses of Canara Bank credit card?

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The Canara Bank credit card can be used to withdraw cash from ATM, to shop at online and retail stores, and for shopping using the IVRS system and the telephone shopping.

2. What is the credit card billing cycle?

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The Visa Gold card or the Visa Classic credit card bill is generated once in a month on 20th and the bill has to be paid by 10th of the succeeding month. The MasterCard Standard and MasterCard Gold cards bill is generated on the last working day of the month and the bill has to be paid by 20th of the next month.

3. What is the interest-free period available on credit card transactions?

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The credit period available with the credit cards ranges from 50 days to a minimum of 20 days. Additional fee has to be paid for transactions such as cash withdrawal from ATM, payments done at petrol filling stations, and for booking travel tickets online.

4. Is there any rewards program for using the credit card?

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The credit card users can earn more cash on their spending made with the credit card. Two reward points are provided for every Rs.100 spent using the credit card. Each reward point is of the value Rs.0.25. To register, view and redeem the reward points customers have to register with the www.canararewardz.com. The reward points can be used to purchase a wide variety of products such as electronics, apparel, movie tickets, and recharge mobile or DTH service.

5. What are the insurance benefits associated with Canara Bank credit card?

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Credit card users are entitled to accident insurance worth Rs.4 lakhs when the death happens by accident while traveling by air, General accident insurance worth Rs.2 lakhs,  Baggage insurance cover of up to Rs.25,000 and Commodity purchase protection cover valued Rs.25000.

6. How does Canara Bank ensure the security of the credit card transactions?

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To ensure the security of the transactions or payments at the retail stores, Canara Bank makes it mandatory that the transaction to be processed only upon providing the card and the card holder has to sign the bill. In the case of online transactions, the customer has to provide the transaction password as the second level of authorization. An SMS is sent to the card holder after processing of the transaction.

7. What is the penalty to be paid for late payment of the credit card bill?

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A penalty of 2% of the outstanding due amount plus the taxes have to be paid for late payment of the credit card bill.

8. How does the add-on card available with the credit card work?

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Canara Bank provides the facility to obtain an add-on card along with the credit card. The add-on card is provided for the family members of the card holder. Bills associated with the add-on card are billed to the main credit card account.

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