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Easy Guide For Canara Bank Net Banking

Visiting the branch for every simple transaction such as payment of monthly EMI is a very boring and time-taking process. Such routine and simple tasks can be done using the net banking services. Customers can choose to provide standing instructions for the routine transactions. Simple transactions such as utility bill payment, mobile or DTH recharge can be done very easily from the comfort of office or home. Use Canara Bank Net Banking for secure online payments.

Canara Bank Net Banking Registration

Registration for Canara Bank net banking services can be done online. To register for net banking services, from the services, click net banking.

Canara Bank Net Banking registration

Click new registration on the top right corner. Click I agree button in the terms and conditions page that opens when you choose to register for the net banking services. Provide the user details such as account number, ATM or debit card number, customer ID and other details as prompted in the form.

Canara Bank Online Banking Registration Form

Click on the I agree button at the bottom of the form to complete the registration process. If the customer does not remember the user ID to continue with the registration process, click forgot User Id button on the login screen.You can also the registration process for SBI Net Banking.

Canara Bank Net Banking Login & Activation

To activate the User ID, click on the activate User ID on the login screen.

Canara Bank Net Banking Activate User ID

Enter the details of User ID, date of birth, pan card number or the passport number, and account number. Click on Unlock User Id or Activate User button as required.

To log in, the net banking account, click on Login button. Provide the username and password. It is recommended to use the virtual keyboard to enter the details. Check the use virtual keyboard checkbox to use the virtual keyboard.

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Canara Bank Net Banking

For the comfort of the customers, Canara Bank provides a wide variety of services through net banking. The different types of services that can be availed with net banking are access the account to know the details of transactions, shop online, and pay bills. The Canara Bill pay service allows customers to pay multiple bills from one place. It can also be used to recharge the mobile or DTH services. To make the payment, the customer has to choose the biller and then choose the payment option through which the payment is to be made. The two different payment options provided are the Canara Bank Net Banking and Canara Bank Debit Cards.

Canara Bank Online Banking

The different types of bills that can be paid are as follows:

Utility Bill Payment

Utility bills such as the electricity bills can be paid with the Canara Net banking or debit card. Canara Bank provides bill payment option for a wide array of electricity service providers. Choose the service provider and then proceed to the pay the bill. The customer is then directed to the payment gateway.

Recharge Prepaid Mobile

Recharge your prepaid mobile service whenever required without having to make trips to the mobile store and wait for a long time. Select the prepaid mobile service provider, select the payment method and click submit. The customer is directed to the page that prompts to enter the mobile number and the recharge amount. The prepaid mobile recharge is available for the mobile operators such as Aircel, Airtel, BSNS, Docomo prepaid, Loop Mobile, Docomo CDMA, MTNL, Jio, Reliance GSM prepaid, Uninor, and Vodafone.

Postpaid Mobile Bill Payment

Pay your postpaid mobile bill every month automatically before the due date with the Canara Bill pay services. The customers can choose the mobile operator and the payment method. To automatically make the payment every month, customers can provide standing instructions for deduction of the bill amount from the savings account or the current account.If you have any issues with this app you can contact Canara Bank Customer Care.

DTH Recharge

Recharge your DTH service every month right from the comfort of the home with the Canara Bank Bill payment services. Choose the DTH service provider and the payment mode. In the page that follows provide the details of the DTH service and the recharge amount to initiate the transaction. The DTH service providers accepting the bill payment through Canara Bank bill pay are Big Tv, Sun TV, Airtel, Dish Tv, Videocon, and TataSky.

Credit Card Bill Payments

Pay your Axis Bank, Band Of India, Citi Bank, IndusInd, RBL, SBI, and Yes Bank Credit card bill using the Canara Bank debit card or the net banking services. Choose the credit card for which you wish to pay the bill and the mode of payment. Click submit. Enter the required details of the credit card number for which the payment is to be made, email ID, mobile number, and the payment amount.

Canara Bank Credit Card Online Payments

Click Submit. Confirm the payment by providing the transaction password to complete the payment process.

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Broadband or Landline

Pay the broadband or landline bill online using the Canara net banking services. The service providers available are ACT Broadband, Airtel, MTNL Mumbai, BSNL, MTNL Delhi, TATA Docomo, and Reliance Infocomm. Select the biller, provide the payment mode and click Submit. Enter the user account number to continue with the payment.

Pay your gas bills online with Canara Bank Debit card or net banking services. Very few billers are available under this category. The service providers available are Indraprastha Gas Limited, Siti Energy, Adani Gas Limited, Gujarat Gas limited, and Mahanagar Gas Limited. Checkout Union Bank Net BankingCity Bank Net Banking and HDFC Bank Net Banking banks for hassle free online funds transfer.

Not just the gas bill or the electricity bills Insurance premiums can also be paid online using the Canara Bank Net banking or the debit card. Insurance premium payment is simple and can be done in few easy steps. Select the insurance service provider, choose the payment mode that is the net banking or the debit card. Click Submit. The window that opens prompts the user to enter the policy number and the date of Birth of the proposer. Click submit after entering the details. The customer is then directed to the payment gateway. Confirm the payment with the transaction password provided to the registered mobile number and complete the payment.

Make the special occasion even more special to your loved one gifting a gift card. Give the choice to purchase the item of choice and enjoy the special occasion making it memorable. Purchase the Amazon gift card with the denomination of your choice using the Canara Bank Net Banking services. Choose to purchase the Amazon gift card, select the Canara Bank net banking or the Canara debit card as the payment option. Click Submit.

Canara Bank Amazon Gift Crad

Choose the occasion for which the gift card is being presented, name, and email ID of the sender and the recipient, the amount, and the message. Click the Submit button to proceed to the final step of payment and complete the transaction. It should be noted that debit cards issued outside India cannot be used to purchase the Amazon gift card.

Pay the monthly loan EMI from the Canara Bank account. Bajaj Finance and Bajaj auto loan can be paid using the Canara Bank net banking services. Choose the loan to be paid, the payment option as the Canara Bank net banking and click Submit. In the window that opens enter the loan account number and click submit. Make the payment. Enter the OTP provided to the registered mobile number to authenticate the transaction.You can get access for Canara Bank Credit Cards with the help of Canara Bank Net Banking.

Residents of Pune with a valid Canara Bank account can pay the property tax to the Pune Municipal Corporation using the Canara Bank net banking services. Choose to pay the property tax for Pune Municipal Corporation and Canara net banking as the payment option. Click Submit button. In the window that opens enter the property ID, mobile number and the email ID. Make sure to provide appropriate details to complete the payment successfully. Providing incomplete details of the biller will cause rejection of the payment.

Subscribe to your favorite magazine using the Canara Bank InstaPay services. Choose from the list of available magazines – The Hindu Group of Publications, India Today, and Reader’s Digest. Choose either the Canara Net banking services or the Canara Debit card as the payment option. Click Submit button. In the window that opens enter the customer name and the address. It should be noted that the customer will begin receiving the magazine of choice after a short period of time depending on the magazine chosen. If the customer chooses Reader’s Digest then the first copy will be received after a period of about 4 to 6 weeks. In the case of discrepancy in receiving the subscription, the customer should contact the publisher directly rather than the Canara Bank.

Canara Bank InstaPay service can also be used to make donations online to different organizations serving for different causes. Choose from the list of available organizations accepting donations from donors across the world and select the Canara Bank Net banking as the payment option. Depending on the chosen organization, the customer is prompted to enter details such as the name and email ID of the donor, cause for which the donation is being made, the amount being donated, address and phone number. Click Submit and you will be directed to the final step of making the payment. It is the responsibility of the organization to donate the amount to the recipient and Canara Bank has no role in it. The time taken by the recipient to receive the funds depends on the payment process followed by the organization accepting the donations.

All the payments made using the Canara Bank Debit Cards or the Net banking are credited to the concerned biller in about two to three days. Hence, it is advised for the customers to make the payments 3 days before the due date to prevent penalty or non-availability of services.

Apart from the bill payment services, Canara Bank provides other services too for its online banking customers. Selected branches of Canara Bank are offering the Sovereign Gold Bond scheme, pay central and state government taxes, e-filling of income tax returns and e-payment of National Pension System payments.

The central government taxes that can be paid through Canara Bank net banking are GST, Income tax, wealth tax, excise and service taxes, and the customs duty. To pay the taxes using the Canara Bank online services, choose Canara Bank at the payment gateway of the respective sites.

State taxes that are specific to each state can also be paid using the Canara Bank net banking services. To use the Canara Bank net banking services choose Canara Bank among the list of banks displayed on the site. Then you will be directed to the bank site where the customer has to log in the account. Enter the details required to complete the payment. Confirm the transaction with the OTP generated to the registered mobile number. A message will be displayed about the status of the payment. After successful completion of the transaction, a printout of the same can be taken.

The e-filling of income returns through the Canara Bank e-Return Intermediary TaxSpanner is simple, easy, and costs low.

Canara Bank Customer Care

Canara Bank provides 24/7 customer assistance. Customers can call the toll-free number on 18004250018 to get their queries resolved. The customer care executives provide the details as required by the customer. Customers can also check the frequently asked section of internet banking to get the required information. Customers who fail to get their query resolved can proceed to get their query resolved with the Canara Public grievance redressal system. Click on Customer Support on the net banking page to open the Canara Public Grievance redressal system.You can also go through the other bank contact details like Andhra Bank Customer Care and Bank of Baroda Customer Care  for any banking related information.

Canara Bank Online Banking Customer Care

The grievance redressal service is provided to both resident and non-resident Indians. Provide the details such as the mobile number to authenticate the mobile number and proceed to register the complaint online.

After registering the complaint, the customers can check the status of the complaint online. To check the complaint status, provide the mobile number, click on Generate OTP. Provide the OTP provided to the mobile number and click on Authenticate OTP. The customer will be directed to the page displaying the list of complaints. To know the status of the specific complaint, click on the complaint.

FAQ’s Related to Canara Bank Net Banking

  1. What are the requirements to register for online banking services?

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To register for online banking services the customer should have a Canara Bank Debit card, valid E-mail ID, valid mobile number, customer ID, and a 13 digit Canara Bank account number.

2. Is net banking service available for joint account holders?

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Yes, joint account holders can also avail the net banking service. Either the first operator or both the users can use the net banking services as per the choice of the customers.

3. Is it possible to change the user ID?

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From the services menu, under preference option, the user ID can be changed.

4. How to register the complaint online using the mobile number?

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To register the complaint online, click on the customer support option on the net banking services page. Provide the mobile number and the OTP generated to authenticate the phone number. Enter the details of the complaint and submit it.

5. How to check the status of the complaint registered online?

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To check the status of the complaint, the customer has to provide the registered mobile number. Click on Generate OTP button. Enter the OTP to view the complaints page. Click on the complaint for which you wish to check the status. Information related to the complaint status will be displayed.

6. How to unlock the transaction password?    

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Customers with an active debit card can very easily generate or unlock the transaction password. Click Generate transaction password option on the top of the internet banking home page. Enter the debit card details such as the expiry date and the pin. Click on generate OTP. Enter the details of the OTP to authenticate the details provided. Enter the new password. The transaction password will be automatically unlocked and ready to use. Customers without a valid debit card should visit the branch to create or unlock the transaction password.

7. What is the password policy to be followed to set the password correctly?

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To set the password the customer should follow the following guidelines.

  • The length of the password should be a minimum of 8 characters or a maximum of 12 characters.
  • The password should possess a numeric character, a lower case letter, and also an upper case letter.
  • There should be 5 characters successively.
  • The special character chosen from the limited set of available special characters can also be included in the password as required by the customers.

8. When will the customer fail to complete the transaction?

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The customer will fail to complete the transaction due to multiple reasons. The transaction fails if the account details provided are incorrect, if the biller details entered are incorrect, if the transaction password provided is entered incorrectly, or if the customer is not registered for the bill payment service.

9. How to add a beneficiary to initiate the fund transfer?

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To add the beneficiary, choose the beneficiary maintenance option from payments. Choose the transfers menu and select the type of transaction. Click the link create beneficiary and enter the details required. Click Submit after entering the details. The beneficiary can be seen in the beneficiary’s list.

11. Is it possible to initiate the fund transfer immediately after adding the beneficiary?

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Yes, the payment can be initiated immediately after adding the beneficiary.

12. What is the maximum limit for the number of beneficiaries that can be added per account?

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For retail users, the limit is set to 5 beneficiaries per day. For corporate clients, the limit is set to 15 beneficiaries per day. Customers who wish to add multiple beneficiaries can choose the bulk upload feature.

13. What are timings for fund transfer?

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Fund transfer between accounts within Canara Bank is open round the clock. IMPS mode of fund transfer can also be done 24 hours. Fund transfers through NEFT mode can be done between 8 am to 7 pm on working days. The transactions that are done before and after this time are taken up on the next working day. Fund transfer through RTGS mode can be done between 8 am to 4:30 pm on working days. The transactions that are done before and after the mentioned time limit are rejected.

14. Does Canara Bank provide the pay later option?

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Yes. Customers can choose to schedule the payments at a later date. Standing instructions should be provided along with the required details such as the date of transaction, amount, and the account or the biller to which the credit has to be made.

15. Can be standing instructions provided for a particular transaction be canceled or modified?

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The standing instructions provided for a particular transaction can be modified or canceled. However, the modification or cancellation cannot be done on the day of payment and has to be done well ahead.

16. What happens if the beneficiary details provided are incorrect and the amount is credited to the wrong account?

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Canara Bank does not take responsibility for the errors done by the customer. The customer has to directly approach the beneficiary to obtain the refund of the amount transferred.

17. Is it possible to open a fixed deposit online?

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Yes. The fixed deposit can be opened online. While opening the fixed deposit, the customer can provide the instructions to be followed upon maturity. The maturity instructions can also be changed at a later date by choosing the option to amend TD payout instruction in the deposit option.

18. How to make donations online?

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To make the donations online, select online donations option in the list of available online payment services. Choose the organization for which the donation is to be made. Select the payment option and click Submit. In the screen that opens, provide the amount being donated, name, email ID, address, and phone number. Few organizations even provide the option to choose the cause for which the donation is being made.

19. How long does it take to complete the payment process and for the amount to reach the concerned recipient?

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Canara Bank is only responsible for accepting the payment from the donor and transfers it to the concerned organization which takes care of paying the recipient. The time for the recipient to obtain the donations after the donation is made is determined by the payment process followed by the organization.

20. Is it possible to obtain the receipt of the tax payment done at later date?

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Yes, the receipt of the tax payment can be obtained by proceeding to make the tax payment online. In the payment page select the option, regenerate the cyber receipt.

21. What should be done if an OTP is received without making a request?

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The customer should not receive an OTP without making a request for it or without initiating a transaction. If the customer receives an OTP then it is recommended to not disclose it. Change the account password immediately to prevent unauthorized access. A complaint should also be made to the bank officials and it can be done by calling the toll free customer care number – 18004250018.

22. What are the two different views of the net banking account available for the customers?

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The two different types of views available for the customers are the classic view and the contemporary view.

23. What is the benefit of using the virtual keyboard at the time of login?

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The virtual keyboard is used to enter the login credentials i.e. the username and the password. Entering the details through virtual keyboard prevents the interpretation of the data being transferred from the customer to the bank website.

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