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Quick Guide For Central Bank of India Debit Cards

Most of the Indians rely on the debit card for their daily transaction. A debit card is considered as one of the necessary things to take out along. The Central Bank of India Debit Card offers high withdrawal and transaction limit and reward points along with the convenient shopping experience.

The central Bank of India Debit card can be not only at ATMs to withdraw money but also at different outlets and online merchant stores. The CBI provides its customer with attractive offers and encourages people to use its debit card and help achieve the dream of having cashless Indian economy. you can apply for debit card with Central Bank of India Net Banking with out visiting the bank.

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Central Bank of India Debit Card with Offers

The main reason for choosing the central bank of India debit card over other is high withdrawal limit of rupee 40000 a day and the shopping limit of rupee 100000 per day. You can also use Central Bank Mobile App to check your balance and Central Bank Loan status.

The debit card comes with a personal accident insurance cover of rupee 100000.Central Bank of India also provide offers on Central Bank of India Credit Cards along with  debit cards. If you lost your debit card then you have to block that card for safety. You can block the card with the help of Central Bank of India Customer Care .

The debit card holder earns Anmol rewards points for all shopping transaction at POS (Point of Sale) online. For every 100 spent, 1 Anmol reward points will be added. A 2.5 Anmol reward point is also awarded to the customer for every cash withdrawal of rupee 1500 and above at any central bank of India ATM.Along with Allahabad Bank other banks like South Indian Bank Debit cards,  Kotak Mahindra Bank Debit CardsSCB Debit Cards and HSBC Debit Cards provides the best offers on Debit Cards.

The customer will receive an SMS alert on the registered mobile phone each time a transaction is done through the debit card.

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FAQ’s related to Central Bank of India Debit Card

  1. Is any insurance or annual fee charged on the CBI debit card?

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No fee is charge for the accidental death insurance cover. The annual fee is charged after the second year from the date of issue.
  1. How to hotlist the debit card?

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If the customer has lost his debit card, a facility is provided by the CBI to hotlist the debit card. To hotlist the debit card the customer needs to send an SMS from the registered mobile number to 9967533228 and in the following format “LOST<space><Card Number>/<A/c number>”.

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