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Brief Guide For Citibank Accounts

To make banking a simple and help customer enjoy it, Citibank provides different types of accounts each with a different set of features. Cash management is easy with any of the Citibank account compared to other banks such as Andhra Bank. Online banking is also safe, secure, and simple with any of these accounts. A Citibank account can be opened easily without visiting the bank by submitting an online form. To open a Citibank account, click the banking tab on the menu bar. In the menu that opens click “open a bank account”.

Citi Bank Savings Accounts

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An application requesting for personal information will open. You can withdraw your money with the help of CitiBank Debit Cards with out visiting the bank.Provide the required details and click the submit button to enjoy a wide variety of Citibank personal banking services. The form looks as below:

Citi Bank Application for opening an account

After submitting the application, a customer care executive will contact to take the processing forward. If you have any doubts regarding accounts you can contact Citi Bank Customer Care at any time.

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Types of Accounts Saving, Salary & Business

The different types of Citibank personal banking accounts are:

  • Citi priority account.
  • Citibanking account.
  • Citibank savings account for expatriates.
  • Citibank suvidha.
  • Citibusiness account.

The Citibank suvidha account is perfect for banking needs of professionals. Customers can access the account anytime using the easy-to-use digital banking platform. The major advantage of the Citibank salary account is zero balance, there is no need to maintain a minimum balance in the account. Customers can enjoy an overdraft equal to five times the monthly salary. The Suvidha debit card provides exciting offers.

The Citibusiness account is the best account for the business personnel to manage their daily transactions. Using the account, customers can pay money or receive money very easily. You can also use the CitiBank Mobile App for funds transfer.

To open a savings account, click “Apply Now” in the Citibank Banking page. The citi bank savings account provides the benefit of obtaining a Citibank Platinum Debit card, reward points whenever a purchase is made using the card. One point will be provided for every 100 Rs. spent using the card. Fund transfer is easy and instantaneous. About 100 plus transactions can be carried out using the card.

FAQ’s Related Citibank Accounts

  1. What is eligibility criteria for opening an NRI account?

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Any Indian living outside India can open an NRI account with Citibank. However, resident Indians cannot open this account. It is very important to change the Citi NRI account to the domestic account when the customer moves to India.

2. How to add the joint account holder to an existing account?

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To include a joint account holder, it is essential to provide the needed documents, just as in the case of opening a new account. Customer care representatives contact the joint holder depending on the name provided. At the time of visiting the bank for opening an account, it is recommended to carry a copy of the original documents as the bank officials may ask for verification.

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