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Simple Guide For Dena Bank Loans

Loan refers to when one party gives money to another on the condition that the money will be paid back and with interest after a certain time in the future. The banks will give loans to the people for various purposes based in the requirement. Depending on the amount and time the interest rate will calculated and each type of loan will have different interest rates and the bank charges according to that. Dena bank also provides Dena Bank Debit Cards and Dena Bank Credit Cards to their customers. Sometime the loans would be given by taking assurance or showing some kind of property and based on that value of that property the amount will also be given. And later the amount should be paid with interest rates.Get Dena Bank Loans at low interest rate compared to all other banks in India.

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Dena Bank Types of Loans (Car, Home, Personal etc.)

There are different types of loans:

Dena Bank Personal Loan (Suvidha Scheme)

This scheme has special features like
⦁ This bank provides high competitive interest rates on personal loans
⦁ This loan is effort less and less documentation and turns out to be very client responsive
⦁ The loan can be transferred to Dena Bank at much lower rate
⦁ The minimum processing fee is 1% of the loan amount charged
⦁ The loan period with be 1- 3 years

This bank is considered as the user friendly for the Personal Loans

Dena Bank vehicles:

This type of loan will be given to purchase the vehicles like cars and bikes. If you don’t have the sufficient amount to buy a vehicle then you take a loan that helps you to buy a vehicle. There will be some eligibility to take a loan.

Dena education loan:

This loan will be given to the students for their education. Some people who can’t afford to pay for education they will be give this loan. When compared to the other loans the interest rate fir this loan will be low. The students will be given loan at the time of their education and some interest has to be paid every month or some period of time, after their education is completed they need to repay the loan while they are working. City Bank Loans also provides the education loans at low interest rates.

Dena Bank Loans Interest Rates & EMI Calculator

  • Loan amount: Rs100000 taken for 1yr at 14% the emi will be Rs8979/-, the total interest payable is 7745/-
  • Loan amount: Rs200000 taken for 2yrs at 14% the emi will be Rs9603/-, the total interest payable is 30462/-
  • Loan amount: Rs300000 taken for 3yrs at 13% the emi will be Rs10109/-, the total interest payable is 63895/-
  • Loan amount: Rs300000 taken for 3yrs at 14% the emi will be Rs10254/-, the total interest payable is 69119/-

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Dena Bank Loans Eligibility & Loan Status

Personal loan

Eligibility: Permanent or salaried employee between 24 to 55 years and with minimum experience of 2years in reputed organization and the minimum income should be 15000/-. To check the eligibility Dena Bank Account holders contact the Dena Bank Customer Care at any time for online assistance.

Car loan

Eligibility: for motor cycle/scooter: minimum Rs.1 Lac per annum and similar for four vehicles.You can also use Dena Bank Mobile App to check the status of the loan.
⦁ Upto Rs.50 Lac for purchase on two new wheelers
⦁ Upto Rs.200 Lac for purchase on new car
⦁ And processing fee for 2-wheeler is 250/- and four-wheeler is 500/-
⦁ Maximum repayment upto 84 months for new vehicle
⦁ And for 2nd hand of four-wheeler is 36 months

You can also check the other bank loans SCB Bank Loans, SBI Loans and YES Bank loans at low interest rates.


Eligibility: Studies at India upto 15Lakhs
Studies at Abroad up to 25Lakhs

FAQ’s Related to Dena Bank Loans

  1. Can I repay the loan early?
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    Yes, you can repay the loan early at any point of time depending on the company terms and conditions
  2. Could I lose my house if I can’t repay the loan?
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    Yes, you will lose it if the money can’t be repayments with in the time period give to you. The lender has to apply the charging order which may lead you to lose the property.

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