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Quick Guide For HSBC Bank Loans

HSBC provide helps you achieve your dreams and doesn’t lets financial difference come through the way, so with a great vision HSBC Bank provides a wide range of financial assistance through various loan scheme. The repayment of the amount is provided at a very attractive rate of interest.

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Types of HSBC Loans (Personal, Home etc.)

There are various type of loans offered by the HSBC bank and the various type of loans are introduced by the HSBC bank in accordance to the need of the different users. HSBC Bank also provides the HSBC Debit Cards and HSBC Credit Cards with great offers to their customers.

Few type of loans are discussed below:

Personal Loan:

There are many occasion and time when shortage of expenses are faced by people, for example money for daughter’s marriage, for furnishing the home, in case of requirement of electronic items, laptop for children study, for family holiday etc. At such emergency or needy time one can go for personal loans. HSBC personal loan can be availed at select cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh and Cochin only. You can check your loan status with HSBC Net Banking with out visiting the bank. Personal loan features are as follows:

  • Personal loan repayment made by the customer are at attractive low rates.
  • Personal loan are available to the customer for a flexible tenure of 6, 12, 18 and so on up to 60 months. Therefore, for personal loan can extend for a maximum tenure of 5 years and a minimum tenure of 6 months.
  • The maximum amount that can be availed by the HSBC personal loan is 15 lakhs and select customers can avail up to 30 lakhs based on HSBC internal credit policy. If you have any doubts regarding loans then you can contact HSBC Bank Customer Care for help.

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Home loans:

Buying a house or building one is one of the most important part of one’s life. So we help those dreams to come true through home loans. The perfect is dreamt by all and we help you by our financial assistance to achieve that perfect house. You can also check your loan status with HSBC Mobile App with out visiting the bank. Features associated with the home loans are as follows:

  • HSBC provide a wide range of money for assisting help your dream of a perfect home come true. Home loan requirement up to maximum of 3 crore is provided by the HSBC bank and minimum of 3 lakhs is provided by home loans.
  • Loan tenure for home loans are available up to a maximum of 20 years and up to maximum of 25 years for a salaried person.

FAQ’s Related to HSBC Bank Loans

1. How the repayment of the bank loan are done?

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The repayment of the bank loan are done with EMI (Equated monthly installments) or through ECS.
2. Is there any processing fee for home loans?
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Yes, bank charges some processing fee on home loans. The processing fee is 1% or 10000 rupee whichever of the both is higher.

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