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Expert Guide For ICICI Credit and Debit Cards

Credit card is the card facility provided by the bank to make purchases in advance and make on an interest basis which will be later deducted from the account, with this facility you will be no longer in the absence of cash. There are different types of credit cards such as Gemstone cards, airline cards, Ferrari cards, Fuel cards, contact less cards, uni-fare metro card, and many more.

You can apply for ICICI Bank Credit cards to get the best offers and benefits. ICICI bank provided different types of credit cards and each designed to provide the customer higher values and credits based on the choices of the card holder and make each moment memorable with the credit card experience. The credit card holder has many benefits such as prior access to premium and exclusive airport lounges anywhere in the world and some premium privileges at some of the leading hotels and airlines. You can apply for credit card online and gain complimentary movie and other tickets through out the week.

This is a facility that provides the customer to make payments and get exiting reward points on to their cards to get future rewards and offers. Some of this are, Hand-picked rewards, payback card, ICICI bank rewards.

ICICI Bank have developed and introduced a new mobile payment platform called ‘Touch & Pay’ that allows you to have secure and numerous payment transactions at any retail stores using your Phone. Touch & Pay is a facility that is been featured on Pockets app this simply allows you tap your phone at a NFC facility permitted retail terminal and make your payment from your ICICI Bank Credit Card which is linked to your pockets app.

ICICI Credit Cards

Prepaid Card

This are the cards that are prefilled with cash and can be used as and when required for that particular purpose, some of the cards are as follow Multi wallet card, pay direct card, meal card, gift card and many more

Prepaid cards are filled with benefits you will have a predetermine amount in your account that can be used for a particular purpose.

The different types of prepaid cards are as follow, multi wallet card, pay direct card, meal card, and gift card.

FASTag is easy to use; re-loadable tags which will help you with easy and fast deduction of the toll charges and let you pass through any of the toll plaza without being stopped for cash transaction at the toll plaza. FASTag is linked with your prepaid account and from this prepaid account the applicable toll amount is deducted. The tag is made with Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technology and is fixed on to the vehicle’s windscreen after the tag and account is activated.

The benefits of FASTag is as follow, it saves a lot of time, it will provide you with SMS alert on each transactions, you can easily do the online recharge and you won’t need the cash ever again to make the toll payment.

Travel Card

ICICI Bank Travel Card is a foreign prepaid card that will make your foreign trips that you make totally easy and convenient. You can recharge this pre-paid card with other currencies from India by paying in INR. It is a much better alternate for paper based transactional equipment’s like Travel cheque or various currency notes. You can use the travel card everywhere you go/travel for doing any type of transaction easily, with any mode of international currency at an instant. You can experience and enjoy the beautiful tourist spots, wonderful eateries and restaurants, and experience the mind-blowing landscape with exotic verities of culture of the country you visit without worrying converting the traveler’s cheque into the local currency. Travel card will help you make your traveling experience enjoyable and memorable with easy, secure and modest way of transactions and payments.

You can use your travel card in many ways. Travel card can be used for making transactions and purchases from lot of outlets directly, by using Point Of Sale section installed at outlets for making transactions and payments towards e-commerce. If you are in need of cash, you can just visit any VISA accepting ATM and then withdraw cash according to your needs as and when required.You can apply for travel card at selected ICICI Bank Branches or Select FFMC Branches. You can buy ICICI Bank Travel Card online and it will be delivered to you at the given address.

Insurance Max Cover Remarks Personal Air Accident Cover – Death only. Rs.10 Lakh, This cover is available for PRIMARY Card members up to the age of 69 and is applicable only overseas. 100% benefit total & disablement.

ICICI insurence policyTo apply for a refund, you will have to visit your nearest ICICI Bank branch.

You will have to fill up a Refund Form and provide the copies of your ICICI Bank Travel Card and your passport. The funds will be returned to you immediately.

Every transaction at selected outlets is protected by signature. The merchant has to match the signature on the charge slip with the signature on the signature panel on the reverse of the card.

The customers have to sign on the signature panel immediately after getting the card.

The chip card is also known as EMV Card. EMV is the brand name of EMV Co. EMV stands for Euro pay MasterCard Visa.

This organization has set the standards for payment cards with chip. Due to the increasing fraud and misuse with the payments done by magnetic stripe cards, the smart EMV cards have been developed according to the EMV standard in order to prevent fraud and misuse.

Unifare Metro Card

The ICICI Bank Unifare Card is one and only card that is available in the country that brings to you benefits of the Metro Smart Card with the benefit of an ICICI Debit Cards.

This Card ensures that you will have to carry one card for travelling at Metro as well as making transactions and payments at around 22 million outlets worldwide.

On each time you use the card you will be credit with points which can be later used as discount option on your travels.

Shorten or extend your travel without planning your destination, the fare is calculated on the basis of the stations due to this you can find yourself exempt from the planning process of your trips.

The unifare metro card has many advantages some of them are you can have special discounts on the travels you make, you can be free from the planning part of your travel, you can recharge your card quick and simple in a matter of time and many more.

ICICI Credit Card Application & Status

Apply for ICICI credit card online. To apply for credit cards, click on the “apply online” tab on the home page.

Click the cards option. Then you will be directed to a four step process.

The first step is “check your eligibility” where the customer is asked to provide the personal information – first name, last name, mobile number, Email ID, Work information, and other information. After providing the information, check the checkbox at the bottom of the page and click on Check Eligibility button.

The second step lists the offers available on the credit card is chosen by the customer. Complete the application in the third step and the final step is to upload the required documents.

The status of the credit card application can be known by providing the application ID in the “Track your application status” page. Also check SBI Credit Card application process for hassle free banking.

After submission of the required documents, it takes about 7 days to obtain the card. After receiving the card, activate the card to start using it. The card can be activated by sending the 16-digit ICICI Bank credit card number to the mobile number 5676766 from the registered mobile number. User ID and password can be obtained by calling the customer care service. Credit card statement and other related details can be accessed online.

ICICI Credit Card Payments 

Pay ICICI credit card bill online by selecting the payments tab on the home page.

Select the click to pay option to pay the credit card bill. Customers can choose to pay the credit card bill using the net banking services or by using the debit card.

To pay ICICI credit card bill using net banking services, click the “Using net banking” option.

Payment of credit card bill using net banking can be done in four simple steps. The first step is to choose the bank of your choice.

After selecting the bank of choice, the customer is forward to the terms and conditions page. Click the “I Agree” button at the end.

The customer is directed to the final payment page.

Select the card type to be used, provide credit card number for which the payment is being made, mobile number, email ID, the amount to be paid, and click the “Pay Now” button at the end of the page. It should be noted that if the customer mistakenly makes double payment for a specific credit card bill on a specific day, only one transaction will be processed. After making the payment, an online confirmation regarding the same will be provided to the customer.

Credit card bill can also be paid using the debit card. To pay the credit card bill using a debit card select the “Using debit card” option.

The customer will be prompted to select the card type. After selecting the card type, Click the “Proceed” button at the end of the page.

The customers can only make the payment using the ICICI debit card only. The customer will be prompted to log in the internet banking account to proceed further and make the payment.

The customer will be prompted to enter the 16-digit debit card number. Confirm the debit card number by providing it the second time also. Enter the amount to be paid and click on the Pay Now button. The customer will be directed to the payment gateway. Provide the required authentication to complete the payment process. After processing of the request, the amount will be debited from the debit card immediately. The customer will also be sent a Transaction Reference Number as a confirmation for the payment made.

ICICI Credit Card Customer Care 

Customers with difficulties in using the credit card or making the credit card bill payment can contact the customer care. The queries are answered and resolved instantly. Customers can also obtain solutions for their queries by checking the frequently asked questions section. Region specific customer care numbers for retail customers are Andhra Pradesh: 7306667777, Assam: 9864667777, Bihar: 8102667777, Goa: 9021667777, Haryana: 9017667777, Bhubaneswar: 06743366777, Ernakulam: 04843366777 etc. Customers can also find the ICICI Customer Care number specific to their region at the back of the credit card.

Solutions to most of the queries can be obtained either in the FAQ section. The Customer can obtain solutions for their unresolved queries by dialing the toll-free number 1-800-200 3344. Customers can call the toll-free number between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM on weekdays from Monday to Friday. To register the complaint, the customers have to provide the service request number that is not older than two months.

ICICI Credit Card Statements

Customers can obtain the credit card statement online from the statements section under personal banking. Choose to obtain the credit card statement. To view the credit card statement online, the customer has to log in the online banking account by providing the Username and the password. Customers not registered for the online banking can do it instantly by calling the customer care. The customer will be provided with the username. After obtaining the username, the customers should authenticate the identity by providing user ID and registered mobile number or email ID. The customer is then provided with the unique number on the mobile number or the email ID. After providing the authentication, a new password for online banking will be provided to the customer instantly. Login the online account using the username and the password to view the credit card statement.

The credit card statement requested by the customer will be sent to the registered email ID. However, the credit card statements of the previous month and the current month are readily available online under cards – View credit card e-statement. It is important for the customer to provide the details appropriately to avoid transfer of information to an unauthorized person. The bank takes no responsibility in case of breach of information if the customer provides incorrect or incomplete details.

ICICI Debit Cards

Debit card is a card provided by your bank that allows you to withdraw and make payments from your bank anytime and anywhere in a matter of time.

Improve your overall lifestyle with the help of a new card that will truly appreciate your standards and you can enjoy the extraordinary benefits along with some value added privileges too.

They are three types of card that comes under Gemstone.

Go to the ICICI bank website and visit the debit card section and click on Gemstone card and click apply. Now enter your card details and enter your PIN number once you authenticate your ownership then click submit.

By joining the Gemstone card you will get lot of benefits and privileges along with lot of benefits.

The different types of debit cards that come under ICICI bank is as follow, Premium cards, Expression debit card, Expressions wave debit card, personal cards, Business cards, Unifare debit cards.

You can visit the bank website and go to debit card and choose the best debit card that suites your requirement you have verity of options to choose from.

Expression debit card allows you to customize your debit card on its looks and style and make your card look unique and different form the crowd, you can design it online itself based on your requirement.

Personal card is the debit card that is attested to your personal account that lets you have each functional based on your requirement of your banking the cards that come under the personal cards are as follow, Gold debit card, platinum chip card, women’s debit card, Young star debit card and many more.

Business card is basically made and meant for business transactions and benefits, the cards that come under debit card are as follow sapphiro Business card, expression coral business card, expression debit card, titanium debit card, Business banking Gold debit card and many more.

The unifare card is customized card that gives you a lot of travel benefits and payments through the card the cards that come under unifare cards are as follow Mumbai metro coral debit card, Bangalore metro coral debit card and many more.

The premium cards are the cards that provide you with extra benefits on the purchases you make like free movie tickets and so on based on the rewards points that are accumulated into your account based on the transactions done through the card.

ICICI Bank along with Visa has hosted a new service called ‘mVisa’. This service will allow you to make use of your smartphone and make payments with the help of Pockets app using the Pockets Prepaid Card facility or ICICI Bank Debit Card facility.

The new facility is more automatic, safe and secure method than the previous facility of swiping the Cards at the stores you want to make purchases, this facility uses your smartphone and scan the  ‘mVisa’ Quick Response (QR)’ code at the outlet you want to make your purchase. The transaction made by this method is completed with advanced security system and is done quite fast and the details of the transactions and card remain in the control of the customer.

Once you receive your debit card to your address you need to take that debit card to your ICICI branch and you will get your password, us this password to make your first debit card usage at the nearest ICICI ATM. To purchase an item using debit card, you need to follow this steps.

Once you choose the product you want to buy go to the payment page and click on do payment using debit card, enter your debit card number and then the date of expiry along with the card name then you need to enter the 3 digit CVV behind the card and click proceed. You will receive the OTP on to our registered mobile number and enter the OTP on the secured page; once the authentication is done the payment will be completed successfully.

If you forgot your password you will have to go to your home branch request for a new password and you will be provided with it in few working days.

If you lost your debit card you will have to go to the home branch of your ICICI Bank Account and deactivate your debit card to avoid any miss use and then reapply for the debit card. If your debit card is damaged you can apply for a new one from your bank branch, you will be provided with a fresh card.

Or, you can contact the ICICI Bank Customer Care, where you can Hotlist your existing card immediately and simultaneously request for re-issuance of a new card.

Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code is a facility or service that lets you protect the online purchases you made through the personalized secured 6 digit numerical 3D secure and safe password.

FAQ’s Related to ICICI  Credit & Debit Cards

  1. How to know your user id with the help of credit card?
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Visit ICICI website and go to the internet banking section. Click on “I want my user ID” to get your user ID. Then click on “click here to proceed”,Now under the credit card option enter your credit card number and registered mobile number in the given slot and click “GO”. You will receive your User ID sent to your registered mobile number.

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