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Brief Guide For IndusInd Bank Mobile Application

In the world of technology everything is made simple and easy to our convenience to make things faster easier and better, the introduction of mobile application or mobile app has enabled the customers to carry their bank in this hand, this has brought a revolution to the banking industry letting the customer do all the required banking form their mobile. This is simpler faster and a better form of banking available. This bank provides IndusInd Bank Loans at low interest rates to their customers.

IndusInd Bank Mobile App

IndusInd has one of the simplest to use and customer friendly app in the banking market. Indus Mobile App is available on all the major mobile app platform, this app lets the customer of the bank do their day to day banking requirements with a just a touch, the customer can make check their balance view their last transactions and also do NEFT/RTGS ,IMPS from the mobile app at an instant. Download all mobile app for all platforms at one place  IndusMobile app for AndroidIndusMobile app for Windows and IndusMobile app for iOS.

The whole idea of mobile banking has made the banking experience easier and much better to use and IndusInd is a bank that has a single app that let you do mobile banking

IndusInd also have applications such as


IndusInd is an app that allows the user to transfer money from one account to another at an instant this app can be used both by the IndusInd customer and a Non IndusInd customer. If you have any issues in the payment process you can contact IndusInd Bank Customer Care for support.

IndusPay enables the user to make any form of payment at an ease as they use the new concept of UPI Unified Payment Interface, with the help of this service you can make the transactions at an instant without any multiple information re-entered.

Indus Direct

IndusDirect is an online app specially designed for corporate banking, using this app you can make the transaction and approve payments at a go as and when you want. This has made the banking easier and simpler for corporate banking.

IndusDirect is a simplified app for the corporate banking this app is available in all major mobile app platforms.

Video Branch

This is virtual online bank at your hand where u can get in contact with your bank face to face from where ever you are without even getting in touch with the bank. compare features of IndusInd mobile app with United Bank of India Mobile ApplicationPNB Mobile App and Yes Bank Mobile Application.

FAQ’s Related to IndusInd Bank Mobile Application

  1. How to get the mobile banking application?

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You can get this app on you mobile device or your tab by downloading it from your mobile app platform such as Google play or App Store.

2. Will I be charged for using this app?

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There is no charges charged on any of this app, you can us this app for absolutely free but you can be charged on some of the payment sites for gateway charges and it has nothing to do with the application.

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