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Punjab National Bank Accounts Expert Guide

PNB provides different accounts such as the savings account, current account and the salary account to help its customers manage their finances securely as well as earn additional interest on their savings. Money deposited in the each of these accounts can be withdrawn easily as and when required using the ATM services which are widespread across the nation. Choose the type of account that suits your requirement and start managing money conveniently. Check your account status with the help of PNB Net Banking.

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PNB Bank Savings & Salary Accounts

The different types of savings accounts offered by PNB are Saving deposit – general account, PNB premium saving account, PNB Junior SF account, and PNB Vidyarthi SF account. Resident individuals can open the PNB savings deposit general account either jointly or singly. Trusts, associations, clubs, societies, and Hindu undivided families and the institutions are also eligible to open the account. The PNB premium savings account is also like the savings deposit general account and is available for resident Indians either jointly or single, trusts, associations and clubs. The advantage of the premium savings account is zero cash withdrawal and cash deposit charges. The PNB current account which can be opened with a minimum initial deposit of Rs.5,000 provides many advantages such as fortnight free account statement, free demat services, 5 to 30 free cheque leaves per month depending on the current account type, and free money transfer through RTGS or NEFT. PNB also provides PNB Debit Cards and PNB Credit Cards to their customers.

The PNB junior SF account is for kids above 10 years of age. Children can learn to manage the bank account under the guidance of a guardian. The PNB vidyarthi SF Account gives an opportunity for the students to learn to manage the money efficiently. Students who are studying at a recognized educational organization and aged 21 and under are eligible for opening the account. Students can avail the benefits of the account until they reach the age of 21. The interest rate for a savings account is about 4 percent per annum which is in par offered by HDFC, Axis Bank and IndusInd Bank.

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The different types of salary accounts provided by PNB for professionals are Total freedom salary account, and high-end salary account. Corporate employees are eligible for opening a total freedom salary account. Every month salary will be credited to the account. The account holder is eligible for receiving an overdraft of a maximum of up to Rs.50,000 or an amount equal to the last salary deposited whichever is low. Permanent salaried employees belonging to an organization who are drawing a salary of about Rs. 1 Lakh and more per month are eligible for opening the PNB high-end salary account. The salary will be credited to the account directly. Another interesting feature available with the high-end salary account is the overdraft facility. You can also check different bank accounts of Canara Bank Accounts and OBC Accounts.

FAQ’s Related to PNB Accounts

  1. How to manage the PNB Junior Savings Fund account?

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The PNB junior savings fund which is available for kids above 10 years of age can be managed with the help of a guardian.

2. What is the extent of overdraft amount available for PNB salary account?

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PNB salary account holders can obtain an overdraft amount equal to Rs.50,000 or an amount equal to the last deposited salary, the lower value will be considered.


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