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Helpful Guide For SBI Debit Cards

State Bank of India offers unparalleled accommodation through State Bank ATM-cum-Debit card. With this card, there is no compelling reason to convey trade out your wallet. You can now withdraw money and buy stuff whenever you wish to with your ATM-cum-Debit card. The most popular SBI debit card or ATM card offers a vast number of debit cards which based on the daily requirements in our lifestyle. SBI debit card helps to transact at more than 1 Lack ATMs and POS terminals globally. SBI offers 5 free ATM transaction on Debit cards for every month along with Special benefits such as discount vouchers, insurance and reward points on every transaction. We can also use SBI debit cards for purchases, booking tickets of train, bus, movie and more. State Bank of India gives a various types of debit cards which has listed below.

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SBI Debit Card Online Application and Status

You can register for State Bank ATM-cum-Debit Card by applying for one at your nearest SBI Branch. Verified by Visa (VBV) is a simple to utilize, secured payment facility from State Bank of India in relationship with VISA that gives you a chance to shop safely online with your current State Bank of India Visa Debit Card. This administration through a straightforward checkout handle, affirms your identity when you buy stuff on the Internet. Confirmed by VISA Service permits you to make a secret key and it ensures your online exchanges simply like you utilize your PIN at the ATM. Through the bank that issued your Visa card, enlist for Verified by Visa in only a couple of minutes. Upon actuation, Verified by Visa secures you at each partaking on the web store. Through the bank that issued your Visa card, enroll for Verified by Visa in just two or three minutes. Upon activation, Verified by Visa secures you at each transaction event on the web store

Types of SBI Debit Cards

SBI Classic Debit card

SBI Classic debit is the most well known debit card. By using this SBI Classic Debit Card we can withdrawals up to Rs. 40,000/- per day and we draw minimum amount Rs. 100/- . We can make online transactions or shop up to Rs. 50,000/- in a day by using debit card. SBI does not charge anything for using this card. Annual maintenance charges (AMC) applicable on this card is Rs. 100 plus 18% GST.

SBI Silver International Debit Card

In order to promote the cashless shopping, SBI Silver International Debit card has offered Rs. 75,000/- limit on sales or e-commerce transactions. The ATM cash withdrawals limits are as same as the classic card at Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 100. Issuance charge for this card is nil but you have to pay an Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) of Rs. 150 plus tax from the second year onwards.

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SBI Global International Debit Card

SBI Global International Debit card features is almost same as that of SBI Silver International Debit Card except some features like minimum cash withdrawal limit in a day. Card holders have to withdraw minimum Rs. 500 per each transaction.

SBI Gold International Debit Card

This Card has been providing the daily cash withdrawal limit up to Rs. 50,000/-. For the international cash withdrawals, the limit will be equivalent of Rs. 50,000 for local currency of that country. For point of sales and online transactions the maximum limit of this card is up to Rs. 2,00,000/-. There no Issuance charges for this card but have to pay AMC of Rs. 150 along with the tax which will generate from the second year onwards.

SBI Platinum International Debit Card

SBI Platinum International Debit Card has been introducing maximum limits for both the ATM and point of sales and online transactions when compared to other debit cards. By using this card we can withdraw up to Rs. 1 lakh cash in a day. And we can make online transactions up to Rs. 2 lakh in a day by using this card. SBI charges a fee of Rs. 306 for issuing this card while AMC for this card is Rs. 200 along with GST of 18%. Also check the debit cards of OBC Debit CardsSouth Indian Bank Debit Cards and Union Bank Debit Cards for better banking experience.

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