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Seniors Guide For SCB Online Banking

Standard Chartered online banking services provide the comfort of banking anywhere anytime. Customers can transfer funds, pay bills, open a term deposit, request for an e-statement, or change the personal details with just a few clicks. All the net banking transactions are not only quick, easy, and convenient but are also highly secure. Standard Chartered Bank adopts various measures such as encryption of the documents, automatic logout, account inactivation and other security measures to prevent unauthorized access. OTP and Digital Certificates are used for high level of authentication of the transactions such as fund transfers. Online banking services can be availed very easily by submitting a request to the bank either at the time of opening the account or by submitting a request online along with the required personal details.

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Standard Chartered Online Banking Registration & Login

Registration for Standard Chartered net banking services is simple and quick. Provide the SCB Debit Cards details and the confirm the same with the One Time Password sent to the registered mobile number.

Registration for online banking services can also be done by submitting the completely filled registration form. After submitting the form, the customer is provided with a unique username and a password within 3 working days. The user ID and password are sent to the registered mail address of the user. Form for online registration can be obtained from the forms section in the help center. The customer has to change the password after the first login.

Registration for online banking services can also be done through phone banking services. The customer will be sent the appropriate registration form to the registered mailing address. After filling the form, it can be sent to Standard Chartered Bank, PO Box 8888, Chennai, India. The form can also be obtained from the bank.

After completing the registration process and receiving the user Id and password, the customer can log in the online account very easily. To ensure further security of the account, the customer would be forced to change the password after the first login. If the customer forgets the password, then a request can be submitted for changing the password. Customers should take care to frame a password that is not only easy to remember but is hard to intercept by intruders.

Standard Chartered Online Banking

Online banking customers can avail a wide variety of services:

Access Account Information

Updated information of the account reflecting the latest transactions and the deposits can be obtained very easily. The account statement can also be printed for later purposes. The status of the cheques issued by the account holder can also be obtained. All the information is available easily from home without having to visit the bank and wait for long hours for the banking executive to provide the information.

Transfer Funds in Few Seconds

Transferring funds between accounts is simple and easy with online banking. Fund transfer can be done between accounts within Standard Chartered bank or to an account in another bank. Transfer of funds to other bank accounts can be done using the NEFT or RTGS services. Using online banking services, funds can also be transferred to VISA credit card.

Manage Credit Card

Customers with a valid Standard Chartered banking account can apply for a credit card online. Customers with a credit card can manage it online easily that is pay credit card bill, view the credit card statement, check the reward points, redeem the reward points, check for the credit limit and even increase it. The credit card bill can also be paid online from any of the other bank accounts. Online banking services can also be used to change the money being spent using the credit card into EMI option that is to be paid every month easily managing the existing expenses. Customers can also set the credit card pin using the online banking services.

Manage loans

Individuals using this banking services can very easily apply for the SCB Loans. The loan application can be filled and submitted online. The eligibility of the individual for obtaining the loan can be known instantly after submitting the form online. A banking executive will contact the eligible individuals for further processing. Not just applying for a loan, online banking services can also be used to manage the loan after obtaining it. The loan amount to be paid, monthly payments, and other details such as the loan tenure can also be known easily using the online banking services.

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Pay Bills

Simplify the cumbersome task of paying monthly bills such as the utility bills, credit bills using the online banking services from Standard Chartered Bank. Bills such as electricity bills, water bill, mobile recharge, insurance bills and the credit card bills can be paid with the Standard Chartered Bill Pay facility. Check for the list of available list of registered billers and pay your bill online. Standard Chartered Bank list of billers includes billers from across India. The bills can be paid directly from the Standard Chartered bank account or by using the SCB Credit Cards. Customers are also given the opportunity to set standard instructions for routine bill payment tasks using the Auto Pay instruction feature. Setting the Auto Pay instructions helps pay the bills before the deadline and avoid penalties.

Mobile Recharge

Online banking services can be used to recharge the mobile plan avoiding trips to the local store and long hours of waiting before the recharge amount is added to your account. Mobile recharge is simple and quick. Select the mobile service provider, choose the recharge amount, and pay the amount providing the account details. The amount would be instantly deducted from the account and credited to customer mobile number. With online banking services customer can always be in contact with the loved ones without worrying about the hassles of frequent recharging. Above all, online mobile recharging also entails the customer to wonderful offers. Check the Standard Chartered website for offers on mobile recharges. Also use Citibank Net Banking for money backup.

Online Shopping

Enjoy cashless shopping with the Standard Chartered online banking services. Customers can use the Standard Chartered credit card to pay their online shopping bills. Standard Chartered online username and password can be used to pay the bills easily without any hassles. Online shopping using Standard Chartered credit card is secure and easy. To ensure high security, Standard Chartered Bank similar to other banks like SBI, ICICI Bank uses the second level of authentication. One Time Password that is sent to the registered mobile number of the customer should be provided to authenticate the payments and enjoy shopping from the comfort of the home.

Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature Certificate refers to the digital copy of a document. Digital certificates can be used as proof of identity or for electronically signing of various documents. The digital signature certificate ensures that the information contained in the document is encrypted and is made available only to the concerned parties preventing the breach in security. Standard Chartered Bank supports the use of class 3 digital certificates that are provided for individuals as well as organizations. Registering the digital certificate for use with online banking services is simple and easy. Login the online banking account, register the digital signature certificate, accept the provided terms and conditions, choose the certificate to be registered and click submit button to complete the registration process. To confirm the registration, an OTP sent to the registered mobile number has to be provided. Click confirm button after entering the OTP to get the digital certificate displayed under the Digital Signature page.

Register for Obtaining an eStatement

Registering for eStatement saves the hassles of paying every time you request for a copy of the statement. To register for an eStatement, the customer has to login the online banking account and select the eStatements link under Bank with us tab on the SCB Home Page.

The process is simple and can be completed in just a few clicks. An eStatement helps to check the list of transactions and manage the finances easily. It also helps to identify any unauthorized transactions. If the customer identifies any unauthorized transactions, the same has to be reported to the bank to prevent loss.

Update the Personal Details

It is highly recommended for the customers to keep their personal details updated to continue receiving updates from the bank. Personal details such as the mailing address, mobile number, and email address have to be updated whenever there is a change. Not updating the mailing address will not only prevent the customer from the receiving the updates but may also result in passing the confidential information to others not intended to receive the information. To update the personal details, the customer has to log in the online account and just upload the copy of the details to be updated. Personal details can also be updated using the phone banking services.

SCB net banking applicationMake a Request for Cheque Book

Having a cheque book makes paying huge payments simple and easy without having to carry cash or log in the account. Cheque also provides the feasibility for planning the payments at a later date by giving post-dated cheques as in case of making EMI payments. Customers who use cheque extensively can refill the cheque book without having to visit the branch. Login the online banking account and place a request for the cheque book.

Open Term or Fixed Deposit

Standard Chartered Bank term or fixed deposit providing high-interest rates and flexible periods is a better way to save your money safely. Fixed or term deposit account can be started online by accessing the online banking account. The amount will be debited from the savings account automatically. After making a request, the deposit will be opened after receiving the confirmation from the patient through the second level of authentication i.e. either an OTP or by bank executive receiving the confirmation from the customer.

Security Tips for Safe Online Banking

Security is the major concern in online banking. Customers have to follow certain guidelines to ensure the security of their account. Some of the security tips suggested by and implemented by Standard Chartered Bank for the safety of its valuable customers are:

  • Use of highly secure devices loaded with a firewall to prevent the attack from hackers and malware.
  • Never leave the bank account page unused. Customer has to log out the page instantly after using the facilities of online banking.
  • Customers are advised to report the bank immediately whenever a breach in security is identified. This would prevent the loss of confidential information.
  • Always use the latest version of the software capable of handling the latest threats. This should include application software, operating systems, and browsers especially those used for the purpose of online banking.
  • Install a firewall to prevent third party sites from accessing the bank web page or the customer system. Also check the Kotak Mahindra Bank Net Banking and UBI Net Banking Applications here for better banking.
  • Scan the system periodically for malware and eliminate them.
  • Ensure to use a secure system to access the online banking services. File sharing and printer sharing features of the system have to be disabled.
  • Avoid storing or sharing system or bank account passwords. It is highly recommended to remember the password rather than storing it in a system file or writing it in a book. Disable the save password and automated password filling options of the browsers.
  • Every time the customer opens the account, it is recommended to check for the last login time displayed on the account page to rule out any unauthorized access after the last login.
  • Beware of the latest online threats and take appropriate measures to prevent them.
  • Customers using SCB Mobile Banking services should keep the mobile safe & secure by following certain tips such as downloading the apps only from a secured and reliable sources, keeping​ the Android operating system updated, locking the phone immediately after use, lock the phone using a hard to interpret password or patterns, avoid storing personal information in phone to prevent loss of confidential information in case of loss of the phone, and make a note of the IMEI number of the phone so as to deactivate it immediately in case of theft.
  • Customers using the social networks extensively are recommended to avoid sharing the confidential information such as account details on social networking sites.
  • The customer should contact the customer care, whenever a breach in account security is suspected.

Apart from the above measures to be implemented by the customer, Standard Chartered Bank adopts certain measures to enable secure banking.

  • Use of high-end security technologies managed by skilled technicians.
  • 256-bit encryption of the data that is being transferred between the customer and the bank web page. Encryption ensures that the information is not revealed even if it falls in wrong hands.
  • Multiple levels of authentication to be provided by the customer to prevent unauthorized access to the account.
  • Disabling the account, if the customer fails to log in the account in three successive attempts. The account can be reactivated only by calling the bank customer care number that is displayed at the back of the card.
  • Use of one-time password every time the customer transacts using the online banking services or the mobile banking services. The OTP is sent to the registered customer mobile number. The OTP has to be provided to authenticate the transactions such as opening a fixed deposit, fund transfer, pay online bills. The customer is suggested to make a thorough check of the transaction information displayed in the SMS before providing the OTP to authenticate the transaction.  If you are looking for bank loans at low interest rate then SCB Loans suits for your needs.
  • The session will be closed if the web page remains inactive for about 15 minutes. This prevents others from accessing the account. When the user attempts to access the account after a long period of inactivity, a message “Session Expired” will be displayed and the customer has to provide the log in details again to access the account.
  • The entire banking system is under the strict supervision of skilled personnel to combat unwanted threats.
  • An SMS alert giving details of the transactions will be sent to the customer instantly after a transaction such as the use of the debit card or a credit card to pay bills or withdraw cash from ATM.
  • An SMS alert will also be sent to the customer if any change to the account information is made. The customer has to contact the customer care immediately if the change is not initiated by the customer.
  • Encrypted e-statements are provided to the customers. The e-statement can be made readable only after providing the password that is sent along with the e-statement to the registered email address.
  • An alert will also be sent to the customer upon adding a payee.

To ensure account security, customers have to adopt the suggested security measures and report the bank customer care in case of any suspicious attack or threat.

Standard Chartered NetBanking Customer Care

Net Banking Customer care service provided by Standard Chartered Bank helps customers resolve their queries related to online banking very easily. Customers can call the bank 24/7 to obtain the necessary information. SCB Customer Care executives can provide a detailed account of the past transactions, credit card related information, and also help resolve any of the disputes related to credit card or debit card transactions and fund transfer. Customers can contact the bank executives by calling at 66014444 r 3940 4444 by including the area specific code before the number. The customer care executives will answer the call else an announcement of the expected wait period will be given. You can also check the other bank Customer Services SBI Customer CareUBI Customer Care and United Bank of India Customer Care for easier banking tasks.

Customers can also write their net banking related queries and send them to the address – Standard Chartered Bank, Customer Care Unit, 19, Rajaji Salai, Chennai – 600 001. Sending the queries by post will take time to resolve. For quick resolution, customers can send an email to [email protected].

Another way to contact the customer care for instant information is to chat. Customers can choose to video chat, audio chat or just a text chat.

Queries related to net banking can also be sent via an SMS to 9980033333. The SMS service is available 24/7 except on national holidays.

Any complaints regarding the net banking services can also be made by submitting an online complaint form. The complaint form can also be submitted at the bank branch.

Above all, customers can also get the required information by visiting the branch directly. In most of the cases, the customer will be provided with an immediate solution else a specific date to contact again will be provided to the customer.

FAQ’s Related to Standard Chartered Online Banking

  1. Who is eligible to apply for online banking services?

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Individuals with a valid Standard Chartered account that is a savings account, current account, deposit account, credit card or a loan account can apply for online banking services. Online banking service is also available for companies, sole proprietors, and also partnership firms.

2. How to obtain access to online banking?

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To obtain access to online banking services, the customer has to submit a registration form to the bank. The customer will be allotted with a unique username and Password and the same will be sent to the registered mailing address in 3 working days. The form is available online or at the branch office. The online banking services can also be activated by calling the banking executives via phone.

3. What are the charges for using online banking services?

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Like Citibank and ICICI Bank, Standard Chartered bank also provides online banking services free of cost.

4. What are the benefits of using Online Banking?

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Standard Chartered online banking service provides a wide range of benefits.

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Faster processing of credit card and loan requests.
  • Gain access to a wide range of services and products with just the click of a mouse.
  • Login ID and password associated with the online banking account enables secure banking.
  • Updated account information can be obtained in just a few seconds.
  • Monthly account statement can be accessed free of cost.
  • Does not require any additional software.
  • An easy way to manage the finances from the comfort of home.

5. How to delink a digital certificate for online banking?

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To de-link a digital certificate, log in to your online banking account. Check for the digital certificate that is registered with the account. Click on the Delink button. Then click the Confirm button to complete the de-linking process successfully. It should be noted that the customer cannot perform any transactions for about an hour after initiating the de-linking process. After one hour, the customer can begin to transact using the OTP.

6. What is the benefit of using DSC?

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Like the one time password used to authenticate the transactions, DSC ensures the security of the banking transactions. DSC verifies every transaction, encrypts the content and ensures that is made available only to the concerned parties.

7. Is it possible to continue using the online banking services for transactions if the DSC expires?

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Customers can continue with the online transactions even after the expiry of the DSC by de-linking the DSC with the online account.

8. What are requirements for using the DSC device?

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To use the DSC for online banking transactions, the browser or system has to be installed with Java 6 Update 38 and above, USB port of the device has to be enabled to connect to the DSC device and the browser version of the DSC provider should also supportive.

9. What is IMPS facility available with net banking?

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IMPS service refers to Immediate payment service that is used for fund transfer either through online banking or mobile banking. Using IMPS facility, customers can transfer about Rs.2 lakh per day. The fund transfer limits are set as per the interbank fund transfer services. IMPS facility is available to the customers throughout the year including the Sundays and national holidays.

10. How to register for online banking services?

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To register for online banking services of standard charted bank click on the Bank with us tab on the home page. SCB net banking application

Click on Register Now and then click continue to login button on the next page. select the instant registration option under New to online banking.

SCB net banking application processProvide the required information and click Accept button to continue with the registration process.

SCB Net Banking registrationThe customer is suggested to go through the terms and conditions stated in the document before clicking on the accept button. After selecting the accept button, the following page opens

SCB Net banking login

Go through the steps one after the other as suggested – verify the mobile number, enter temporary password, create personal login and registration complete to obtain online access to the account.

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