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An Expert Guide For Union Bank Of India Debit Cards

A debit card is a plastic payment card that is used to make payment directly from the current / saving UBI Account and the amount is immediately deducted from the current / saving account. Debit card commonly known as ATM cum debit card has become very popular in India. According to Visa’s latest global payment tracking (GPT), the customers are becoming more and more comfortable in India using the debit card. Union Bank Of India Debit Card allows its user to withdraw money from all the ATMs around in India. The Debit Card of the bank can be used to make purchases and do payments at all the outlets and online shopping sites that accept Visa or Master or Rupay debit cards.

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Union Bank Of India Registration

Union Bank Of India Provided a ready to use the kit for it user to immediately enjoy the debit card service after opening the account.

Simple Steps for applying for the debit card:

  • UBI issues ATM cum debit card along with a sealed PIN at the time of opening a new account and the card gets activated after the user does its first withdrawal at the ATM.
  • The existing user of UBI who has their saving or current account can also issue the ATM cum debit card by downloading the form online UBI official webpage and submit at the nearest branch of UBI to get a debit card.
  • For linking more account to the existing card and to issue an additional debit card the customer can visit and apply for the same at the nearest branch of UBI.

Union Bank Of India Debit card is issued to its customer free of cost and fee and charges for it use are as follows:

  • Withdrawal Limit at ATM is restricted to rupee 25000 per day.
  • Shopping limit is restricted to 25000 per day.
  • Annual fee of rupee 100 plus the GST is charged from the second year.
  • In case the card is lost or damaged, a replacement fee of rupee 150 plus GST is charged.
  • In case the PIN is disclosed or the user has forgotten if private PIN, for regeneration of same rupee 150 plus GST would be charged. Check your balance with UBI Net Banking with out visiting the ATM’s.
  • Green PIN registration is free for its user.
  • If the user wants to convert an amount in some other currency a 2.5 percent would be charged by the bank on the amount plus the GST
  • Withdrawal from Union Bank Of India ATMs around any location is free but for withdrawal from ATMs of other bank are free for some limited number of time and some charges are levied thereafter. This bank also provides different UBI Deposits for their valuable customers.

In metro location the users can withdraw from other bank ATMs free of cost a max. of three time every month and after that 15 rupee per transaction plus GST would be charged. In case you lost your debit card block the card with the help of UBI Customer Care.

In non-metro location, the users can withdraw from other bank ATMs free of cost a maximum of five time every month and thereafter 15 rupee per transaction plus GST would be charged.

  • UBI debit card user who maintain average quarterly balance of Rs. 10000 rupees are not charged any fee. In case the user has issued an additional debit card, annual charges will be applicable for the additional issued card.
  • For accounts other than the saving account, charges will be applicable on all transactions done from other bank ATMs.

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Steps for creating the GREEN PIN are as follows:

  • Visit any nearest UBI bank’s ATM, insert the debit card and Select the option for ‘SET ATM GREENPIN’ option in the language selection screen.
  • Now click on the Generate OTP button and you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • Now you have to re-insert the debit card and again select the “SET ATM GREENPIN” option in the language section and then select Validate OTP option.
  • Enter the received OTP on the registered mobile number.
  • Enter the new PIN and confirm it again.
  • The entered PIN is the functioning PIN for the Debit card. You can also create the GREEN PIN with UBI Mobile Banking.

Union Bank Of India Debit Card with Offers

Union Bank of India encourages its user to use the debit card while making their daily purchases. In the time when India economy is shifting to cashless, Union Bank Of India is offering many schemes and offer to it customer to promote the same. Along with debit cards this bank also provides offers on UBI Credit Cards. Some of the feature and offers provided by the Union Bank Of India Debit Card are as follows:

  • Union Bank Of India provides the all new Green Pin Facility (No PIN mailer is required).
  • Multiple Account Access: Union Bank Of India customers who owns debit card can link up to three accounts to a single debit card.
  • The bank allows the users having a joint account, access to the individual debit card or duplicate debit card.
  • For the user to use their debit card without any hesitation, Union Bank Of India provides secure online transaction through Unsecure registration.
  • The users can use the debit card to withdraw cash at certain merchant location using the UBI debit card.
  • Debit card User can avail the free insurance service against accidental death.
  • Debit Card related hot listing facility is available 24/7 for its customers. You can also check the other banks Debit Card offers such as Allahabad Bank Debit CardsAxis Bank Debit Cards and Andhra Bank Debit Cards.

FAQ’s Related to Union Bank Of India Debit Cards

  1. My debit card is going to expire soon, how to apply for the new debit card?

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Union Bank of India issues a new debit card to its user and sends it to the user through courier, which is generally received by the customer a week ago before the expiry of the debit card. In case the debit card is not received by the customer a week ago he/she should call from his/her registered mobile number to inquire about the same.

Alternatively, you may also visit any nearest UBI branch to know the status of the new debit card.

2. Can the UBI debit card be used outside India?

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Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) regulates the use of debit card outside India. RBI noticed all bank to block all debit card issued after December 01 2013.

However, one can call the UBI helpline numbers from their registered mobile number and request to activate the debit card for international transactions at international websites, retail outlets and ATMs.

3. What to do if I am unable to transact with my debit card?

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If your debit card is not working you can contact to our 24/7 customer care executive and report the same.

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