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Informative Guide For UBI Net Banking

UBI Net Banking feature allows you a hassle free way to access the services anywhere and anytime. With UBI Net Banking, one can avoid long queues in banks and can transfer money or pay bill comfortably with few clicks from home.

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UBI Net Banking Registration

The varied online services provided by Union Bank Of India can be enjoyed by following simple steps for registration.

If the retail user has UBI Debit Cardhe can use ‘Self User Creation’ link provided on the Official webpage of the bank. By following the link user will reach a page (As in the picture below) where he/she would be required to fill the following necessary details:

  • Debit Card Number And it’s PIN number.
  • Account Number which is linked to the above debit card.
  • Date of Birth or PAN card number information that is registered at the user’s bank branch.
  • Mobile number that is linked to the bank account for SMS alerts.
  • E-mail id that is linked to the UBI Account.

NOTE: If the required mandatory information given above are not present as a record in the bank, then the customer needs to update the details at the branch.

self user creation in UBI

For the user who don’t own a debit card, have to apply manually by downloading and filling e-banking application form online from the official webpage of Union Bank Of India or can visit the nearest branch of the bank.

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UBI Net Banking Login

Once you have finished registering, you can log in and straight away access all the convenient services. The customers are required to enter the User ID and Login Password, remember to use the virtual Keyboard (On screen keyboard) while logging in from a public computer or cyber cafe. Due to any typing error, if you entered the password wrong three times then the internet banking service User ID will be disabled and in order to re-enable the User Id, one has to call on 1800222244. In case you got any issue while login you can contact UBI Customer Care for online assistance.

netbanking login UBI

Forgot / Reset Password

Resetting of password online for retail users owning a debit card:

Users can regenerate/reset his/her password(s) online by filling the mandatory details (As in the picture below) and hence obtain a new password.

Forgot/Reset Password in UBI

Resetting of password online for retail users who don’t own debit card:

Users can reset or regenerate their password online by filling the normal mandatory details along with providing an additional information of any one transaction detail of the last five transactions from the bank account.

Resetting of password online UBI

Online Request for resetting of password for users who don’t own a debit card:

Users who have forgotten password can request for printed password by filling the mandatory details (As shown in the picture below) and can obtain the new password through courier. Courier charges will be applicable.

UBI requesting password for corporate usersOnline request for resetting of password for corporate users:

Corporate user who have forgotten the password can apply for printed password by filling the details such as corporate id, user id, account number etc. (As the blank fields are there in the picture below) and receive the new password by courier. Courier charges will be applicable.

Request for resetting of the password, in case the customer has not used the account for more than 360 days:

If the account has not been accessed for more than 360 days the password gets expired. One has use option 3 (Retail users) or 4 (Corporate users) for requesting the password(s).

Union Bank Online Banking

Through Union Bank Online Banking, apart from using Transactional services like money transfer, paying bills and tax-payment one can also use non-transactional services like requesting for cheque books, transaction history details etc. The user-friendly website of the Bank can be handled by any individual having basic knowledge of the internet.

Union Bank Of India also provides Immediate Payment Service (IMPS). IMPS is like a revolution in fund transfer. Unlike National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) and Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), IMPS enables money transfer instantly between different banks account and 24/7 throughout the year, even on holidays or non-office days. IMPS are being extended through Internet Banking, ATMs and Union Bank UPI Apps. Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is regulated by the Reserve Bank Of India and was launched by National Payment Corporation Of India which links accounts of the different bank to a single mobile application and helps conveniently transfer funds using Virtual Payment Address (a unique identification provided to UPI users).

Union Bank has taken extreme measures to ensure secure online transactions, through keeping their devices in a most protected environment as is evident by the digital certificate issued by ‘VERISIGN’. So, their customers can securely and without any hesitation use Union Bank online banking services.

Security and Safety Related Information to learn for Customers Banking Online

  • One should always ensure the padlock symbol (below in the image) in the uniform resource locator (URL) box on the top of the browser. Clicking on the lock will allow you to see the Verisign Certificate authenticating the site. You should always keep a check of the padlock to ensure you are on the official site of the Bank.

UBI secured official site

  • The customers should avoid using public or shared computers and cyber café to bank online as such computers are not secured and are vulnerable to various online threats. If such cannot be avoided, use the virtual keyboard (On-screen Keyboard) (image displayed below) provided on the login page while entering login details and once you are back to your personal computer, change our login password. One should also never forget to log off while closing the browser.

Internet banking login UBI

  • One should keep their password confidential. Name, Date of birth, organization name etc. that are easily guessable should not be kept in a password, it should be really out of the box for the people around you to guess. Use an alphanumeric password, with special characters such as @, #, $.
  • Phishing / Fraud Online e-mails: Phishing is a term that is used for online identity fraud when fraudsters try to fake their identity as the bank professionals and send e-mails to random e-mail addresses on behalf of the bank to ask personal and confidential details of credit card, debit card or net banking and misuse the same.

Union Bank Of India frequently communicates with the customer via e-mail. The bank only sends e-mail to it customer on two purposes, one to provide the customer with product information and the other to update the customer with the bank’s services. The bank never asks for confidential and personal details such as debit card number, UBI Credit Card number, user id, login or transaction password etc. Fraudulent e-mails are generally with a link that leads to a website that looks similar to the official website asking for such details which the fraudsters capture and gain access to the customer’s account. Do not respond to such pop-up windows and links asking for your financial or confidential information, alternatively, you should directly type the entire website address and access the Bank’s website.

The bank never sends a time sensitive or urgent e-mail asking your personal and confidential information and in the case of not delivering such information, threatening to cancel or deactivate the existing debit or credit card. Delete such e-mail even if they appear to come from Union Bank Of India.

  • If you receive a fraudulent e-mail asking for personal and confidential details and faking to be from Union Bank Of India, please contact and inform immediately at:
  1. [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]
  2. Call on 1800222244
  3. Inform at the nearest branch of Union Bank Of India.

UBI Net Banking Customer Care

Union Bank Of India provides an uninterrupted, all round the clock, customer service to its over 5.7 crores clients. The executives in customer care center provide banking needs to the customers and even to the general public.

The call center of Union Bank Of India uses Interactive Voice Response (IVR) facilities to advertise their product and to resolve the general problem of the customers. For complex or problem that is not covered by the IVR, are resolved by the customer care executive of the bank. IVR can respond to its client in Hindi and English along with seven regional languages (Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali). General banking Services covered by the IVR are Last five transactions, Current Balance, Account information, stopping payment of cheque, Seeding their radar number, hot listing their debit card etc. The customer care executive can be contacted anytime for lodging any complaint or for requesting any service. Check here for ICICI Bank Customer CareDena Bank Customer Care and YES Bank Customer Care services which provides contact details state wise in India for hassle free banking.

Call center executive related to Internet Banking Services helps customer having a problem with registration to customers having a problem with 2FA authentication issues. Internet banking executive services also include Self User Creation (Registration of customers online who have a debit card), Forgot or Reset of password related issues, enable and disable login, trouble shooting in internet banking application etc.

  • All India Toll-Free number: 1800222244 or 18002082244
  • Charged Numbers: 080 – 25300175
  • Dedicated Number for NRI: +918025302510

FAQ’s related to UBI Net Banking

  1. How to avail e-banking services if I don’t have one?

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Users who own Union Bank ATM card can register them self-online to avail online banking services by following simple steps and filling the mandatory details like account number, date of birth, PAN number etc. on the ‘SELF USER CREATION’ link available at the official website of the bank and create his/her own User ID.

For customer who doesn’t own an ATM card, can download the e-banking application online available on the official site of the bank (www.unionbankonline.com) and after filling the mandatory details, submit the form at the nearest branch of the bank.

2. What is the procedure for availing the transaction facility, if currently the user is enrolled for view facility only?

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The customer who has union bank ATM card can follow the simple steps to avail the additional transaction facility:

  • Follow the ‘Self Reset Password’ link on the official site of Union Bank of India.
  • In the reset the password column, there would be two check box of login password and transaction password. Simply check the transaction password.
  • Fill the other mandatory details like date of birth, account number, PAN number etc. and submit the form.
  • Next page would appear where you would be asked to enter the new password and to confirm the new password. After entering the password, you are ready to use the transaction facility.

Retail Users who don’t own an ATM and the corporate users visit any nearest branch and provide the required documents to avail the transaction facility.

3. I’m not able to log in, after entering my login ID and password, the system asks for JAVA update?

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Kindly try to update your java plugin, and if the system continues to ask for java update please send an e-mail to [email protected] from the registered e-mail address to enable java independent platform (Union PKI) for the customer login ID.

4. After three wrong attempts of the password on the login page, User Id is disabled. How to re-enable the id?

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For security reasons the id is disabled after three wrong attempts of a password, to re-enable the user id call on 1800222244.

5. How to get a new password in case of forgetting the password?

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Retail users who own a debit card can reset or regenerate their password online by filling some personal details and hence obtain a password online.

  • Retails users who don’t own a debit card can reset or regenerate their password online by filling personal details along with an additional information of any one transaction detail of the last five transaction history and easily obtain the new password.
  • A retail user who doesn’t own a debit card can request online for resetting the password by filling the details and obtaining the new password through courier. Charges for courier will be applicable.
  • Corporate users who have forgotten their password can request online for resetting their password and by filling an online application and providing some personal details such as corporate id, user id, account number etc. can receive the new password by courier. Charges of courier will be applicable.

6. User ID disabled and password expired due to no usage for more than 360 days?

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In case the user has been inactive in using the internet banking services for more than 360 days then his/her password would expire. Use option 3 for retail user or option 4 for corporate user to request for Password(s). One can also use option no. 2 to apply for a printed password through courier services.

7. User ID invalid or out of range, maybe I have forgotten my password, how to resolve the issue?

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Make sure you are using the correct User ID or Corporate ID. In case you have forgotten your user ID or Corporate Id, write us an e-mail at [email protected] from your registered e-mail address to regenerate a new user ID.

8. How to reset my forgotten PKI password?

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On the official website of Union PKI click on the “Forgot PKI Password” and enter the necessary details to reset the password.

9. How can I change the PAM (Personal Assurance Message)?

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Once the PAM has been kept at the time of Union PKI registration, can’t be changed.

10. My hardware device for two factor authentication login is not working (For corporate users only). How to fix the same?

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This kind of fix may occur due to some problem in the hardware token. So, one has to write an e-mail to [email protected] from your registered email ID to replace your hardware token. The process of replacement may take up to a maximum of 7 days.

11. The account is not visible after login?

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In case you are not able to log in and are getting a message ‘No Operative Account’ after login. Kindly write an email to [email protected] from the registered email ID telling them the issue.

12. How to increase the transaction limit of net banking?

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To do the same, one has to visit the nearest branch of the bank and fill the limit enhancement application form. The limit will be increased based on the recommendation of the branch.

Defaults limits of the transaction for all accounts of internet banking are as follows:

For retail users:

  • For transaction from own UBI account to other UBI account can be max. 3 lakh per day with 5 number of transaction.
  • For transaction from own UBI account to Other different bank account can maximum 25 lakhs with 20 number of transaction. Such transaction is done using NEFT or RTGS.
  • Bill payments can be max. of one lakh and 1 thousand per day with a maximum of 5 number of transaction.

For corporate users:

  • For transaction from own UBI account to other UBI account can be max. 5 lakh per day with 100 number of transaction.
  • For transaction from own UBI account to Other different bank account can maximum 100 crores with 100 number of the transaction. Such transaction is done using NEFT or RTGS.
  • Bill payments (Same as retail users): Max. of one lakh and one thousand per day with a maximum of 5 number of transaction.

13.I am not receiving any activation code wile login or OTP while doing any transaction. How to fix the SMS issue?

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Make sure that correct mobile number is provided to the bank. If the provided number is wrong at your branch, get it updated. If you are still facing the same issue, write an e-mail to [email protected] from your registered email address. For Non-resident Indians (NRI), make sure the mobile number and the country code both are correctly provided to the Union Bank Of India.

14. I am getting an error while operating my e-banking account. How to resolve the error?

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In such case, take the screen shot of the error page and email the same at [email protected] along with a brief description of the problem from the registered email address. Union Bank Of India Technical Team will look into the problem and necessary action will be taken for the same.

Steps to take a screenshot:

  • At error page, press the print screen button on top of the keyboard.
  • Open a Word file or paint and press the paste button to insert the picture of the screenshot.

15. What are the steps in registering the beneficiary?

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Steps to register thee beneficiary are as follows:

  • Go to transfer on the home screen of net banking and register a beneficiary.
  • After registration, you will receive an SMS on the registered mobile number of the tracker ID.
  • Use after 12 hours to confirm the beneficiary from ‘Confirm Beneficiary Link’ and to register the beneficiary.

NOTE: Kindly use the tracker Id sent after 12 hours and before 24 hours. In case you didn’t use the tracker id before 24 hours, the tracker id gets expired. Now, delete the beneficiary from the ‘List of Unregistered Beneficiary’ and register again.

16. Did not receive the Challan for tax payment?

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Steps to receive challan receipt:

  • Login Union Bank Of India net banking and go to view Challan Link in Tax payments tab.
  • Select the respective state government.
  • Fill the date and amount range to retrieve the challan.
  • If still you are not able to view the challan, write to [email protected] from your registered email ID.

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