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United Bank of India Debit Cards Mini Guide

United International Debit Card allows the customer to instantly get the money from any of the nearest ATM and hence the customer can avoid the hassles of carrying the cash.

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United Bank of India Type of Debit Cards

Various ATM cum Debit Card provided by the United United Bank of India are United VISA Debit Card, United EMV debit card, United RuPay debit card, United Rupay Kisan Debit card, Rupay EMV card and RuPay Platinum EMV card. Below we will discuss the details of some of the ATM cards:

United Visa Debit Card

It is the basic card that is made available to all the United Bank of India customer to help ease in their transactions. To apply for this card use United Bank of India Internet Banking with out visiting the bank.


  • Max cash that can be withdrawn in a day is 75000 rupee.
  • Shopping of maximum 75000 can be done through the POS and online on e-commerce sites.
  • Maximum of 5 transactions can be done which includes the withdrawal and the POS and e-shopping.
  • Secured Signature-based transactions. If you face any problems while using these cards you can directly contact United Bank of India Customer care for online assistance.
  • Now all e-commerce are securely transacted by the OTP, which is sent to the registered mobile number.

United Bank Visa Card can be used in all United Bank ATMs and all visa member bank ATMs, E-com and POS in India.

EMV Debit Card

United EMV debit cards are the chip-based cards for all those United Bank of India Account holders who have used their card at least once at any foreign location and to those who are willing to do any transaction in future at any foreign location. Such card is also issued to the esteemed customer of the United Bank of India on demand. Check your card balance with secured United Bank of India Mobile App.


  • Maximum Cash Withdrawal of rupee 1 lakh from the ATMs.
  • A maximum shopping transaction of 1.5 lakh rupee through the POS and through the e-commerce web page.
  • Maximum of 10 transactions can be done (5 from the ATMs and 5 From the POS and the e-commerce websites).
  • The EMV Debit Card can be used at domestic as well as foreign locations.

United Bank EMV Debit Card can be used in all United Bank ATMs and in all VISA member banks ATMs, E-com and POS in India.

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RuPay Debit Card

United Rupay Debit card is used for domestic use by the customers. The Rupay Based Debit card is the first Indian Debit card and is driven by the National Indian Payment Corporation. Along with debit cards UBI also provides offers on United Bank of India Credit Cards.


  • Max cash withdrawal limit of 25000 rupees from the ATMs.
  • Shopping of maximum 40000 rupees at stores through POS and online shopping.
  • Maximum of total 5 transactions.
  • Secured signature-based transactions.

United Bank Rupay Debit Card can be used at all United Bank ATMs and all NFS bank member ATMs and other RuPay enabled POS. Compare offers of UBI debit cards with South Indian Bank Debit cardsSCB Debit Cards and HSBC Debit Cards.

FAQ’s Related to United Bank of India Debit Cards

  1. What is the eligibility for United Bank Rupay Debit Card?
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Customers with Savings, Overdraft, Current, Minor account holder above 10 years or individual with visual impairment can also have a United Bank RuPay debit card.

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