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Mini Guide For YES Bank Credit Cards

Credit card  is a card that is issued by the YES Bank that lets the card holder make purchases using the card on a desired product or service they require on a promise to the card issuer that the amount used will be repaid along with some additional charges. This helps the customer make payments in advance on a promise to repay it with additional interest. Apply for credit card with the help of YES Bank Net Banking without visiting the bank personally.

YES Bank Credit Cards with Offers

YES bank provides credit card to their users based on their requirement credit cards are divided into different types that provides different benefits to their customers based on their requirements. Check latest offers on debit cards with the help of YES Bank Mobile App. YES bank provides different types of credit card at a lower interest rates and better offers and benefits.

YES bank credit cards are divided into 3 major types such as

  • Lifetime free credit cards
  • Business credit cards
  • Other credit cards

Under each types of cards the customer should be eligible to get the specific card based on the requirement marked by the bank.

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YES Bank Credit Card Registration

YES bank provides credit card for their customer with attractive interest rates and offers, to register for YES bank credit card you need to choose a credit card that you want, then check your eligibility, then you can decide to apply and complete the application. You can register for YES bank credit card with this four steps.

YES bank Credit card Registration

YES Bank Credit Card Application Status

To check your credit card application status has become easy and simple and can be done anytime and anywhere as and when you like. You will have to login to your YES bank website, click on the credit card application status.

Once you click on the credit card application status you will be redirected to a page where you will have to enter the details of your application asked in each column and click submit to track your application status. Also check credit card registration process for Union Bank of India Credit Cards and South Indian Bank Credit Cards.yes bank credit card application status

Credit Card Application Status YES Bank

With the help of internet it has become to keep a track of the application you have send or applied, making the process simple and easier.

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YES Bank Credit Card Payments

Now to make the credit card payment have become easier and simpler with the internet around us with 24×7 service, to make your credit card payment, if you are a YES bank account holder, to make your credit card payment you can login to your YES bank internet banking account and do the necessary payment required using your net banking. If you face any issues with online payments you can contact YES Bank Customer Care for online assistance.

You can also submit a written instruction to the bank requesting to make an automatic deduction the amount from your account on a monthly basic. You can also transfer make the payments from any YES bank ATM. Also check Credit Card Payments process of other banks such as Bank of Baroda Credit CardsDena Bank Credit Cards and United Bank of India Credit Cards. If you are not a YES bank customer then you can make the payment using NEFT fund transfer, you can also transfer the money via cheque you have to enter the credit card number and also mention the name of the card holder and number behind the cheque and deposit the cheque in the nearest YES bank branch.

FAQ’s Related to YES Bank Credit Card

  1. How do I contact YES Bank credit cards customer care?
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You can contact the YES bank credit cards customer care 24hrs.

For YES FIRST credit cards contact 18001036000 which is a toll free numbers for the customers from India and if you are a customer beyond the Indian boarders you can contact the following number +91 2249350000.

You can also Email to contact the customer care at [email protected].

2. What are the easy ways to make the YES bank credit card bill payments?

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You can pay your credit card bill through any of the following ways,
If you are a YES bank account holder then you can:

  • You can use net banking service of the bank and pay the outstanding credit card bill.
  • You can write a letter to your bank requesting to deduct a fixed amount from your account on a monthly basis against your outstanding credit card bill.

For all the other YES bank Credit card customer you can:

  • You can make the credit card bill payment using the NEFT service, you can making this mode of payment form your bank buy using this IFSC code YESB0CMSNOC.

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