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Complete Guide For Kotak Mahindra Bank Deposits

Kotak Types Of Deposits

One of the key deposit method is the fixed deposit, in this deposit one must invest their money onto the Kotak Mahindra Bank for a certain period of time after which he or she can take back the money along with the interest gained upon the investment. You can also check your account status with Kotak Mahindra Net Banking without visiting the bank.

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Some of the key deposits are:

  • Tax saving fixed deposits
  • Regular fixed deposits
  • Senior citizen fixed deposit
  • Recurring fixed deposit
  • Ace fixed deposit
  • FCNR deposits

This are each types of fixed deposit with their own benefits.

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Kotak Fixed Deposits & Interest Rates

Each bank has their own interest rates imposed on fixed deposit’s here is the list of interest rates charged on fixed deposits. This bank also provides Koatk Mahindra Credit and Debit Cards for hassle free banking to their customers. Not only this bank there are so many banks like Axis Bank DepositsDena Bank Deposits and HDFC Bank Deposits are providing different deposit schemes to their valuable customers.

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