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Standard Chartered Bank

Complete Guide Of SCB Deposits

Opening a fixed or term deposit with Standard Chartered Bank is an easy way to secure your hard earned money and also earn higher interest rates on your savings. Standard Chartered Bank provides separate fixed deposit facilities for domestic as well [...]

Standard Chartered Bank Accounts Brief Guide

Standard Chartered Bank provides different types of savings accounts and current accounts each tailored to meet the customer needs. Each of these accounts can be managed conveniently using the net banking services. Account statement helps keep track of the transactions. [...]

Standard Chartered Bank Customer Care Expert Guide

Standard Chartered Bank serves customers any time resolving their queries for a hassle-free banking. The frequently asked questions section associated with each of the products and services provides the required information for the customers. Further clarification on any of the [...]

Mini Guide To Get Standard Chartered Bank Loans

Standard Chartered Bank provides a wide variety of loans – home loans, personal loan, and credit facilities that are tailored as per the customer need at different stages of life. Customers can apply for the loan online or at the [...]

Quick Guide For SCB Mobile App

The convenience of banking from anywhere anytime is possible with the Standard Chartered Bank app. The mobile banking app formerly known as Breeze allows banking from mobile or a tablet. The application can be downloaded free of cost from apple [...]

An Expert Guide For SCB Credit & Debit Cards

Individuals with a savings account or current account with Standard Chartered Bank can obtain the debit card. A credit card can be obtained by applying for it either online or by phone banking. Standard Chartered Bank provides different varieties of [...]

Seniors Guide For SCB Online Banking

Standard Chartered online banking services provide the comfort of banking anywhere anytime. Customers can transfer funds, pay bills, open a term deposit, request for an e-statement, or change the personal details with just a few clicks. All the net banking [...]