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An Expert Guide For HDFC Bank Credit Cards

With awesome features and advantages, HDFC credit cards are ideal for shopping or bill payment needs. Different varieties of credit cards are available, each of them serving a different set of customers. Browse through the different varieties of credit cards, learn their benefits and discounts, compare them and pick the best one that fits the needs.

HDFC Credit Cards

HDFC provides credit cards that serve the wide range of benefits such as lifestyle benefits, travel benefits, entertainment benefits, and more.

  • The super premium category of cards includes Infinia with world-class lifestyle and travel benefits, Regalia that offers good discounts at star hotels, and Diners Club Black that is ideal for international credit providing outstanding lifestyle benefits.
  • Co-Brand category of cards includes JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World providing exciting travel benefits, JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Platinum is best of the airline co-brand group of credit cards, Platinum Times Card offering wonderful discounts on dining and movie tickets, Titanium Times Card providing discounts on movie tickets and dining, Maruti Suzuki Nexa HDFC Bank AllMiles that is perfect for multiple destinations for Nexa car owners, Snapdeal HDFC Bank that is ideal for shopping online at Snapdeal.
  • Professional category of cards include Doctor’s Superia that is perfect for doctors who travel more and Teacher’s Platinum that gives an opportunity for teachers to fill fuel at any fuel station.
  • Premium travel category of cards include Superia that allows customers to redeem the points as air miles and AllMiles that provides double reward points at AllMiles website.
  • CashBack category of cards include Platinum Edge that provides cashback on all purchases made using the card, Titanium Edge that provides cashback on all purchases, and MoneyBack that is also credited for providing money back on all purchases.
  • Premium category of cards include World Master Card that save surcharges at fuel stations and offers access to the world-class airport lounges, Diners Club Premium providing unlimited access to domestic lounge, Diners Club Rewardz providing excellent travel rewards, and Visa Signature that helps save on fuel surcharge and provides access to top-class airport lounges.
  • Premium women category of cards includes Solitaire providing Shoppers Stop gift voucher on money spent using the card.
  • Regular category of cards includes Platinum Plus providing the flexibility to fill the fuel at any of the fuel stations. Also check the credit cards of SBI Bank and ICICI Bank for better banking experience.
  • Commercial category of cards include Business Platinum providing cashback on retail purchases, Business Gold credit card can be used to shop and pay in EMIs, Corporate Platinum that provides access to domestic airport lounges and easy fuel refilling at fuel stations, Corporate World Master Card that provides access to international airport lounges, Corporate Visa Signature providing access to world-class airport lounges across world, Corporate card providing travel and entertainment benefits, Purchase card that helps to organize and manage payment processes, and Distributor card providing excellent travel privileges.Check Here For Easy Banking Tasks

HDFC Credit Card Registration & Login

Customers can register for the credit card by submitting an online registration form that requests for the details such as card number, login Id, Name, pin, expiry date, and a password. The form looks as given below.

HDFC Card registration

To prevent unauthorized access, it is recommended to set a strong password. After registering the card, log in to the account using the login ID and the new password. The credit card net banking facility is available only for primary card holders.

HDFC Credit Card Online Application & Status

Obtaining  HDFC credit card is simple and easy. Submit the credit card online application available at the bank site after providing the requisite details.  Apply  credit card easily with HDFC Net Banking. The online credit card application looks as below:

HDFC credit card applicationAn application reference number will be provided to the customer after clicking on the submit button.


To track the status of the card, select credit cards, choose the track your credit card option in the left pane. Provide the application reference number provided after submitting the application. The status of the credit card will be displayed. If in case you unable to get the status, for clarifying your query you can contact HDFC Bank Customer Care.

HDFC Credit card tracking

HDFC Credit Card Payments

Payment to the HDFC credit card can be made using any bank account in three simple steps.

  • Provide the HDFC credit card number and the amount to be paid, choose the net-banker in the drop-down and select “Pay” option, and the customer is transferred to the payment interface corresponding to the net banker chosen.
  • Provide the authentication details – username and password, confirm the payment, and the payment amount will be deducted from the HDFC Account.
  • A confirmation message along with the transaction reference number will be provided. An email confirming the payment will also be sent to the registered email ID (if any).

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HDFC Credit Cards with Offers

Each of the HDFC credit cards provides a different category of benefits that are better compared to IndusInd Bank which provides very low reward points on card purchases. Here is a list of credit cards and their offers.


  • Access to the airport lounge.
  • Club Vistara Gold Membership that provides lounge access, additional 10 kg baggage, assured economy class reservations.
  • Just 2 percent markup fee on transactions involving foreign currency.
  • Personal concierge services such as enjoying a wonderful holiday anywhere across the globe, get the limousine services arranged anywhere across the world, enjoy a wonderful dining experience.
  • Selected range of golf programs. you can check the latest offers with the help of HDFC Mobile Banking.
  • Avail 15 percent discount at selected 3000 plus restaurants.
  • 5 reward points for every Rs.150 spent on HDFC Infinia credit card and double reward points for every Rs. 150 spent on dining, bookings at Airvista.
  • Zero interest rates for up to 50 days of credit period and only 1.99 percent rate per month later on.
  • Cash up to 40 percent of the credit limit can be withdrawn using the card without any charges.
  • High security and instant customer support.

Titanium Times Card

  • 25 percent discount on movie bookings and 15 percent discount on dining.
  • 2 reward points for every Rs.150 spent on dining only on weekdays i.e. from Monday to Friday.
  • Movie discounts of 1,800 or more per year.
  • Discounts of up to Rs.4,500 on dining per year.
  • Savings of Rs.1,500 in a year on fuel transactions.

Doctor’s Superia Credit Card

  • Welcome benefit of 1,000 reward points.
  • 50 percent discount on dining.
  • Air voucher worth Rs.8,000 on spending 5 lakhs.
  • Savings of up to Rs.8,300 on airport lounge access and fuel refilling.
  • Return of first year fee on spending Rs.15,000 within 90-days of registering for the card and renewal fee is returned on spending Rs.1,00,000 within a year before the renewal date.


  • 1,000 reward points as a welcome benefit.
  • 3 reward points on every Rs.150 spent and 50 percent more reward points spent on dining.
  • Free access to airport domestic and international airport lounge.  If you are looking for loans at low interest rates then HDFC Loans are suitable for your needs.
  • Return of first year fee on spending Rs.15000 within 90-days of registering for the card and renewal fee is returned on spending Rs.1,00,000 within a year before the renewal date.

Platinum Edge

  • 2 reward points on every Rs.150 spent and 50 percent more reward points spent on dining.
  • Savings of up to Rs.1800 per year on fuel transactions.
  • Return of first year fee on spending Rs.10,000 within 90-days of registering for the card and renewal fee is returned on spending Rs.50,000 within a year before the renewal date.


  • 1,000 Shoppers Stop voucher on Rs.75,000 spent in 6 months.
  • Cash back on reward points – Rs.30 for 100 reward points.
  • 50 percent more reward points on grocery and dining spends.
  • Free Shoppers Stop voucher of Rs.2,000 once in a year.
  • Cash back of Rs.4,000 on reward points accumulated on purchases of Rs.5 lakhs made using the card.

Visa Signature

  • Return of first year fee on spending Rs.15,000 within 90-days of registering for the card and renewal fee is returned on spending Rs.75,000 within a year before the renewal date.
  • Savings of up to Rs.8,300 per year on airport lounge access and fuel transactions. Along with credit cards HDFC also provides offers on  HDFC Debit Cards.

Platinum Plus

  • Savings of up to Rs.1,500 per year on fuel transactions.
  • Zero liability on fraudulent transactions made after reporting the loss of card within 24 hours of losing the card.
  • Utility bill payment on time without any hassles.

Business Gold

  • Flexibility to make purchases and make the payment in EMIs.

Business Corporate Regalia

  • Domestic airport lounge access.
  • Club Vistara Silver membership.
  • Foreign currency mark-up fee of only 2 percent.
  • 15 percent discount on dining facilities at five-star hotels.
  • 4 reward points on every Rs.150 spent.

HDFC Credit Card Customer Care

This bank provides excellent HDFC Bank Customer Care services. For any credit card related queries customers can call the toll free number – 1-800-425-4332. Any complaint regarding the credit card such as theft or loss of credit card, request for e-statement, or disputed transactions can be given to the customer care executive answering the call.

FAQ’s Related to HDFC Credit Card

  1. How can a customer report transaction dispute?

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According to master or Visa guidelines, a credit card holder can report the transaction dispute by filling in a Cardholder dispute Form (CDF). Details regarding the disputed transaction should be mentioned in the form. Filling in the form gives authentication for the Bank to check up on the specific merchant linked to the transaction.

2. How to stop receiving the statements to the registered mailing address?

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Customers not willing to obtain a hard copy of the statement can download the physical statement suppression MID (Most Important document) from the HDFC bank, fill the form and mail it to the address HDFC Bank Cards Division, PO Box # 8654, Thiruvanmiyur P.O, Chennai – 600 041.

3. How to study the details of transaction made using the credit card?

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Either a physical statement or an E-statement listing the different transactions will be mailed to the customer. A message will also be sent to the customer stating the minimum due amount, the total amount due, and the date by which the payment has to be made. Net banking customers can obtain the monthly statement listing the different transactions by selecting the credit card product tab. The transactions are listed in the statement date-wise. The status of the reward points is also provided at the end of the statement. A list of offers that are currently valid on the card is also provided to the customer.

4. How to register for an E-statement?

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Registration to obtain an E-statement can be made either through net banking or phone banking. To register through net banking – Login the net banking account and Select the “Statement on E-mail” option on the left of the web page, Choose Office or Residence. The office or residence Email ID is filled in the next input box. Click continue and then confirm. A message that includes a reference number is displayed giving the confirmation on applying for E-statement. To register for e-statement using phone banking, call the phone banking numbers corresponding to your location.

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