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Seniors Guide To HDFC Bank Accounts

Having a banking account is the primary criteria to carry out any transaction in association with the bank. Apart from simple money management, many other actions such as bill payment can be made from anywhere using the net banking services. HDFC Bank provides different accounts to fit the needs of different groups of customers.

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HDFC Bank Accounts Savings & Salary

To enjoy the right benefits, customers should invest time in choosing the right account type.

The different types of HDFC Bank accounts are:

Savings Account

Savings account is the right type of account for routine money management tasks including the HDFC Net Banking and HDFC Mobile Banking. The different types of savings accounts are Savings Max account that lets you save up to 6,170 Rupees, Regular Savings account for regular banking transactions, kids advantage account to help kids learn banking, women’s savings account, senior citizens account, Family savings group account perfect for entire family, savings farmers account designed for farmers, institutional savings account for trusts, NGOs, and societies, and Basic savings bank deposit account that does not need any balance. If you are looking for loans at low interest rates then HDFC Loans are suitable for your needs.

Current Account

Current account is the perfect account for professionals, traders, and farmers to handle money transfer between bank accounts, handle local collections via cheque and to handle inter-city transactions. The different types of current accounts are Ultima Current Account for businessman, supreme current account to handle large transactions, Apex current account for large entrepreneurs, Ezee current account for businessman working between cities, Max current account for large businesses, Agri current account for agriculturists, Plus current account, current account for hospitals and nursing homes and others. If in case you unable to login in to the site, for clarifying your query you can contact HDFC Bank Customer Care.

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Salary Accounts

Customized salary accounts are designed as per the needs of corporate. The different types of salary accounts are premium salary account with added benefits of free accidental death cover up to Rs.15 lakh, Regular salary account with accidental death coverage, defence salary account for defence personnel, salary family account with benefits similar to salary account for family members, classic salary account, and the reimbursement account to obtain all reimbursements into one account. This bank also provides HDFC Debit Cards and HDFC Credit Cards to their valuable customers.

Rural Accounts

The rural accounts are specifically designed to handle the needs of farmers. The two different types of rural accounts are Basic Savings HDFC Bank Deposit Account for farmers and Kisan club savings account. If you are interested to know about other bank account features also then here are some banks with best features City Bank AccountsDena Bank Accounts and Karnataka Bank Accounts etc

FAQ’s Related to HDFC Bank Accounts

  1. What is difference between HDFC Bank premium current account and other banks current account?
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Two features that make HDFC premium current account different from others are – Zero cost for clearing between HDFC Bank branch locations and about 100 free payable at par cheques per month.

2. How to activate a dormant salary account?

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To activate a dormant salary account the account holder should submit an instruction at the bank branch along with an ID proof and proof of address. At least one transaction should be made in a year to keep the account active.

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