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An Overview Of HDFC Bank Customer Care

HDFC bank customer care is just a click away on the bank website. The “Customer Care” option exists to the top right corner of the home page.  A comprehensive list of FAQ’s is available online for one to go through for any queries they have regarding the products and services, which should address the majority of concern the customers have. HDFC Net Banking and HDFC Mobile Banking  services are the safe and secure for online transactions.

HDFC customer care number

If the customer’s query/concern is not addressed in the FAQ section, the customer can contact the customer center through any of the options – Email / Call / Visiting the branch in person/writing to the bank at their mentioned addresses.  Bank assures HDFC Account holders to expect a response in 10 working days.

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If the customer is not happy with the response received from customer care center, they can contact the bank’s grievance redressal officer through any of the available options – Email /Call /writing to the mentioned address. The response to be expected within 10 working days. HDFC also provides great offers on HDFC Debit Cards and HDFC Credit Cards .

HDFC Grievance Redressal officer numberIf the customer is not happy with the response from grievance redressal officer also, they can contact bank’s Principal nodal officer through any of the available options – Email/writing to the mentioned address for the corresponding area of operation. The response to be expected within 10 working days.

HDFC contact info

If the customer did not receive response in 30 working days through the above mentioned steps or the issue is not resolved,  customer can reach out to Banking Ombudsman of the corresponding area of operation who is designated by Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

HDFC Bank Customer Care Number & Toll free Number

Resident Customers

Customers residing in India can reach HDFC Bank customer care by dialing the corresponding area phone number.  As an example, customers in Andhrapradesh area can call the number shown below:

HDFC Mobile banking numbersCustomers can also contact at the toll- free number: 1800 266 4332 for the credit card related queries,  from many Indian cities.

Toll-free number 1800 22 1006 can be called for Mutual Fund or Investment Services Account related services. This number can be called from anywhere in India between 9:30 am to 6:30 pm on weekdays. The services are available 9:30 am to 1:30 pm on Saturdays with no facility on Bank Holidays and Sundays. Also check the customer care services of ICICI Customer Care for better banking..

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NRI Customers

There are country specific customer care numbers for the customers outside India. The details are as shown below:

 HDFC NRI customers

FAQ’s Related to HDFC Bank Customer Care

  1. Is there a centralized toll-free number for all the services offered by HDFC bank in India?

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HDFC bank has area wise phone banking numbers that customers can reach for the majority of banking services.  For credit card related queries, toll-free number: 1800 266 4332 can be used.  Similarly,  toll free number 1800 22 1006 can be used for a mutual fund or investment services account related queries.

2. Is there a defined escalation mechanism for the concerns raised by the customer?

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Yes. There is defined escalation process for the customers in case they are not happy with the response received from HDFC bank customer care.  Escalation path is:  Customer care -> Grievance Redressal officer -> Principal Nodal officer -> Banking Ombudsman appointed by RBI.

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