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A Helpful Guide For ICICI Bank Wallet

Get the power to shop anywhere even if you do not have a card with ICICI pockets app. It can be used to pay bills, shop online, recharge you mobile or DTH service conveniently using your mobile.

ICICI Bank Pockets Wallet

The pockets wallet is a VISA supported e-wallet that can be used by anyone with a valid ICICI Bank Account. The pockets wallet helps you to send money, pay bills, or shop online. Users of the app are also provided with a card that can be used for your shopping needs at retail stores.

There are multiple advantages of using the app. It is available for immediate download and can be used to create a personal wallet. The app can be loaded with money using a ICICI Debit Cards from any bank or through ICICI Internet Banking. The wallet is valid to use at any store. The touch and pay feature makes payments easy and instantaneous. The app can also be used to make fund transfers to any one of your friends with just a single tap or receive money from friends. Shopaholics can avail wonderful deals on their preferred brands. Not just the fund transfer or bill payment, pockets can be used to book movie tickets, recharge mobile balance, share expenses with friends. New users of the app can also use it effortlessly using the built in chat feature. Customers can call or email the ICICI Bank Customer Care executive for a quick help.

ICICI Bank Pockets Wallet App

Customers planning to use the pockets wallet can use it by downloading the app from app store. Provide the required personal information such as the mobile number name, User ID and password. The mobile number should be verified before beginning to use the app. Customers of ICICI Bank can use the app using the ICICI online banking user ID and password.

To use the app from the ICICI official website, log in to the ICICI online banking account, click my accounts, choose pockets option to make your payments or fund transfers. Using the app, payments can be made to more than 60,000 merchants.

To begin using the wallet, load it with the money. The pocket can be funded from a bank account, debit card, ICICI Internet Banking services, or by using NEFT fund transfer from a bank account.

Users of pockets wallet are provided with a feasibility to open the pockets savings account using the app without having to visit the bank. The savings account can be used like a regular account and avail all the banking features. The advantage of the pockets savings account is customers aged 18-25 does not have to maintain a minimum balance. Customers above 25 years have to maintain a balance of Rs.5000.

FAQ’s Related to ICICI Bank Pockets Wallet

  1. What is the eligibility for registering on the pockets wallet?

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Individuals above the age of 10 years can register for the pockets wallet. The application is available to only Indian nationals residing in India but not for NRI or foreign nations.

2. How to register for the app?

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After downloading the app, tap on the button “Login”. Customers of ICICI bank can provide the online banking user ID and Password. Provide the authentication by providing the required details – email ID, name, Password, Date of Birth and Address. A one time password will be sent to the registered mobile number or email ID. Provide the OTP and the digital wallet will be ready to use. After completion of the registration, transfer funds to the pockets wallet through net banking or a debit card. The wallet can also be used to access the ICICI savings account. Non ICICI bank customers should create an account before registering for the Pockets wallet app.

3. How to set an MPIN in the pockets app?

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After registration login the app providing the user ID and password. Open the settings section and click on the option “Set MPIN”. Provide a four digit number and it will be set as the MPIN.

4. What are the cards that are seen on the dashboard?

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After registering for the pockets wallet, the savings account and the wallet are the digital cards that are seen on the dashboard.

5. What are the requirements for using the touch and pay feature of pockets wallet?

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To use the pockets touch as pay feature, the user should possess a NFC enabled smartphone with an Android OS version of 4.4. or above, touch and pay enabled ICICI credit or debit card, and an updated version of ICICI Bank Pockets mobile app.

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