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Seniors Guide To HSBC Debit Cards

Debit card is associated or linked to your bank account. The transaction you made with the debit card is directly spend through your bank account basically. Therefore the maximum amount of money that one can spend using the debit card is the maximum amount of money that is present in the HSBC bank account. Here the transaction linked up with your bank account so no need of repayment is required. You will be able to spend money according to money in your bank account. When we step in to the bank there is a term, of which you have to always be take care of that’s the CIBIL SCORE. So the debit card won’t affect score your credit score. For operation of your debit card the bank provides the PIN for the operation. One should never disclose his/her confidential PIN to anyone, else the PIN can be misused. If you are looking for loans then HSBC Bank Loan provides all type of loans at low interest rates.

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HSBC Debit Cards Registration & Login

For getting a debit card you have to visit the nearest bank branch. In bank, there are the application forms available, one can also get application form online from the HSBC official website. After getting the application form, one needs to duly fill the form, according to the requirement of the application form. After filling the application form one need to submit to same in the bank, then the bank staff will be cross checking your application form and after superintending the form they provide HSBC Debit Card to the customer and it’s a very simple process. The next final step is that you need to go to the ATM machine for the activation of the debit card by providing the information according to the requirement. And that’s it. One can say that HSBC debit card service procurement is a very simple process. The HSBC bank provides very simple and convenient process for getting the debit card. if you have any doubts regarding registration process you can contact HSBC Bank Customer Care for online support.

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HSBC Debit Cards with Offers

HSBC Debit Card OffersDebit card customers will be getting a bulk of offers on many of the things, it can be in the form of cashback, coupons, recharge coupons, on flight tickets, all travelling tickets, cabs, online shopping like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Jabong and many more online shopping sites, shopping on online stores of the brands, on movie tickets, hotel booking, train tickets and in domestic flights as well. So the HSBC bank provides a lot of offers for their customers to make them happy and for promotion purpose too. This bank also provides the offers on HSBC Credit CardsAlong with HSBC Bank other banks like South Indian Bank Debit cardsKotak Mahindra Bank Debit Cards and SCB Debit Cards provides the best offers on Debit Cards.

FAQ’s Related to HSBC Debit Cards

1. What are the different use of the debit card?

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It’s a very good question because one using the debit card, you must be familiar with that thing and its benefits and the risk associated with it as well. By using the debit card you can use it for shopping purpose, for booking railway tickets, flight tickets, basically for the travelling tickets, online shopping, booking hotels, booking of moving tickets etc.
2. Can we use the debit card outside the India?
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Yes you can use your debit card outside the India. But for that one need to do a certain formalities. You can activate this facilities on your debit card by visiting the branch or by calling the bank customer care.
3. What steps should I follow if my debit card is not working?
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don’t worry, you have only make a call to the bank or you can visit the nearby HSBC bank branch, and talk to the bank staff and they will be sort out your problem.
4. What is the procedure that one should follow in case if the debit card PIN is blocked?
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There are few steps you have to follow for the recovery the PIN, that’s very simple process. You have option according to your convenience, that are, first one is you can go to the ATM for generation of the debit card PIN by providing the details, the second option for you is, one can generate the PIN through the internet banking or you can call to the customer cares number for the recovery of the debit card PIN.
5. Can multiple accounts be linked to a debit card?
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Yes definitely it is possible, only thing you have to do is that visit your nearby bank branch, fill the application form for the addition of more account. It’s a very simple process and uncomplicated process.
6. Do the banks block debit cards when we enter wrong pin during withdrawing the money?
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Yes, there is limit to the number of time one can enter the PIN wrong after which it will get blocked.
7. How will I get to know whether the site is fake or not?
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Before using the Debit card there are some fundamental point that you should keep in your mind before operating.
These are basic criteria for checking whether it is real or fake site.
a) Do check the trusted site symbol.
b) Check HTTPS and green colour address bars and do check that the pad lock symbol is        present in the URL bar or not.
c) Do check the SSL certificate and whether the certificate is valid or not.
d) Do set account notification alerts.
e) Never-ever share your credentials to others.

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