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Complete Guide To South Indian Bank Debit Cards

A debit card is different from the credit card in many perspectives. The debit card is issued to the customers on the basis of the savings or current SIB Accounts.

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South Indian Bank Debit Card Registration & Login

For obtaining the debit card you have to fill the application for debit card and this is available in the South Indian Bank. Just fill the form according to the given instruction and provide all the information according to the requirement. After filling the application form submit to the bank counter. After submission of the form, within some time they will provide you the debit card after that almost all part is completed only one step is there to complete that takes the debit to the ATM machine and activate it with the OTP and some details. Provide information and your debit card will be activated. Kudos!! To apply for this card you can also use South India Bank Net Banking.

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South Indian Bank Debit Cards with Offers

South Indian Bank provides many offers along with its debit card. You can also use South India Bank Mobile App for bill payments. With the help of the debit card you can enjoy many facilities, it provides bonus points, cash back, gifts, rewards, paying bills, offers on the booking tickets, track expenses, movie tickets, train tickets, flight tickets and much more. Allahabad Bank Debit Cards, SBI Debit Cards and Andhra Bank Debit Cards.

 south  indian bank debit card pin

SIB Debit card transactions

FAQ’s Related to South Indian Bank Debit Cards

1) Can multiple accounts be linked to a debit card?

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Yes definitely it is possible, only the thing you have to do is that visit your nearby bank branch fill the application form for the addition of more account. It is a very simple process and no complication is involved.

2) Do the banks block debit cards if we enter the wrong pin while withdrawing the money?

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Yes, there is the limit for that, if you cross that limit, your card will get blocked.

3) How will I get to know whether the site is fake or not?

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Before using the debit card there is some fundamental point that you should keep in your mind beforehand.

  • Check the trusted site symbol.
  • Check HTTPS and green color address bars with full business details
  • Check the SSL certificate, that the certificate is valid or not.
  • Do set account notification alerts.
  • Never-ever share your bank credentials to others.

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