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An Expert Guide For Andhra Bank Debit Cards

Andhra Bank Debit card facility is among the various products and services provided by the bank. Debit card can be used for various purposes like withdrawal of cash and making purchases. But it can’t be used to purchase at merchant establishments. Debit card is also called plastic money, because having a debit card is similar to having cash in hand. You can also make credit card due payments using a debit card. Andhra Bank Debit Card is issued in association with VISA hence, the card is governed by the rules and regulations of VISA.

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Andhra Bank Debit Cards with Offers

Andhra Bank provides its debit card holders with various benefits. For joint account holders, the bank provides two separate cards. You can check your last 10 transactions through mini statement. You can link various other accounts to your card and transfer funds to any of the linked accounts. This facility is available round the clock.
The bank doesn’t charge for enrollment of the debit card and the annual subscription charges are free of cost for the first year, and from the second year on wards you will have to pay a meagre amount of 75/- INR annually. The validity of the card is for up to 5 years from the month of issue of the card. You can use your card to book a ticket on IRCTC and to purchase fuel at petrol pumps across the nation. The card is accepted globally. Along with Andhra Bank other banks like Kotak Mahindra Bank Debit Cards, SCB Debit Cards and South Indian Bank Debit cards provides the best offers on Debit Cards.

Andhra Bank Debit Cards Registration and Login

Any individual who is eligible of having a savings/current account and fulfills other criteria prescribed by the bank are eligible for applying for ATM/Debit Card. The eligibility criteria prescribed by the bank may change from time to time, which the card holder needs to fulfill by all means. Along with Andhra Bank, here clearly explained how to Register and Login of other banks like Allahabad Bank Debit Cards and HSBC Debit Cards.

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Andhra Bank Debit Card Customer Care

Andhra Bank provides its customers with superior customer care services. Andhra Bank Customer Care has a separate line to provide customer care services to debit card holders. The customer care support connects the customer to the help desk where you can resolve your issues. The customer care support provided by the bank includes toll-free number and telephone numbers.
The toll-free number provided by the bank to resolve issues related to debit card is 18004252910. It doesn’t charge to make a call to this number and is available 24*7.
The telephone numbers for customer support are 040-23122693/040-23122703. You will be charged to make calls to these numbers.

FAQ’s Related to Andhra Bank Debit Cards

  1. What is the difference between ATM card issued by Andhra Bank and its Debit Card?
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    ATM card is for cash withdrawal and other purposes like procuring a mini statement, balance enquiry and changing your PIN. You cannot make purchases at merchant establishment. Whereas, you can make purchases at merchant establishments with a debit card. With debit card it is like having cash in your pocket. Hence, it is called plastic money.
  2. What is the purpose of CVV2?
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    CVV2 is a secret numerical code that is present on the backside of the debit cards. Andhra Bank started debit cards with CVV2 from August, 2009. You will be asked to enter CVV2 to finish transactions successfully on any purchase through e-commerce portals or merchant websites.
  3. Where can I use the Debit Card issued by the bank?
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    You can use the debit card for cash withdrawal and balance enquiry at more than 8 lakh Visa ATMs across over 150 countries. You can make purchases at over 12 lakh merchants across the world using this card.
  4. How many cards will be issued for joint account holders?
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    Andhra Bank issues separate debit cards to both the joint account holders.
  5. 5.Does Andhra Bank Debit Card have any expiry?
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    Yes, debit card issued by the bank is valid for up to 5 years from the month of issue of the card.[/mks_toggle

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