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Brief Guide For Allahabad Bank Debit Cards | Debit Card Advantages

ATM cum Debit card are ways to pay for different daily activities. Allahabad bank provides debit card to their Allahabad Bank Account holders when the customer opens a saving or current account for free. A debit card can be used to pay bills at different stores without using cash. The customers can also use Allahabad Bank Debit Card at an automated teller machine (ATM), to get money from your checking account.

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Allahabad Bank Debit Card Registration and Login

Below are the steps to apply for the ATM:

  • All the customer that have Saving Bank or current scheme account other than the minors including joint holders qualify for Allahabad Bank’s International Debit cum ATM card. All the branches of Allahabad Bank have the facility for providing ATM cum International Allahabad Bank Debit Card facilities.
  • If the customer doesn’t have a saving bank or current scheme account, the customer needs to open his/her account in any of the Allahabad Bank branches.
  • The customers need to submit the application form to the branch along with recent passport sized photographs.
  • Within a very short time, the customer will receive ATM cum Allahabad Bank Debit Card at the registered address.
  • Now the customer needs to collect the receipt of the card containing the PIN.
  • The customer for security purpose needs to change the 4 digit security PIN at the first usage of the card at any Allahabad bank. You can also check the registration process for other banks like Kotak Mahindra Bank Debit Cards and SCB Debit Cards .

Allahabad Bank International Debit cum ATM card

With this international card, there is no need to take the cash here and there in your wallet and one doesn’t have to worry about overspending on your credit card. Now, the customers can withdraw money outside India and use anytime they wish to do. Along with Allahabad Bank Debit Card this bank also provides the great offers on Allahabad Bank Credit Cards.

Allahabad Bank’s own a sprawling network on ATM all across India with 1208 ATMs. The customer can also access the ATM infrastructure of NFS member banks without any cost. ATM coverage under NFS is more than 78,950 ATMs. You can approach Allahabad Bank Customer Care any time  regarding any issue with your Allahabad Bank Debit Card like not working, to block your card and forgot password.

In addition, the bank is linked to VISA enabling the Allahabad Bank customers to access the large number of ATMs. A transaction that is done on VISA enabled ATM are free of cost.

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Allahabad Bank Debit Card with Offers

Allahabad Bank is the oldest bank in India that has been offering ATM service to the customers in 110 plus cities and towns spread all across the country. The ATMs (Automated Teller Machine) offers the convenience of withdrawing cash and banking all around the clock i.e 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days in a year. Allahabad Bank is the member of VISA and NFS networks thereby providing the customers to access a wide network of ATMs in India and outside India. Along with Allahabad Bank other banks like South Indian Bank Debit cards and HSBC Debit Cards provides the best offers on Debit Cards.

FAQ’s Related to Allahabad Bank Debit Card

  1. What is Allahabad Bank ATM cum Debit card?


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Allahabad Bank Debit Card is a card that is a PIN based card that can give the customers an online access to the bank account with Allahabad bank. The Debit card enables you to make electronic payments at the merchant store and outlets across India. Using the ATM cum international debit card the user can also withdraw money outside India from any Allahabad Bank or VISA or MasterCard or NFS member bank ATMs both in India and abroad. The same card can be used to make purchases online for various shopping and utility service provider websites.
  1. How will I know which ATMs will accept the Allahabad Bank Debit card?

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All ATMs that display’s Rupay or VISA or MasterCard logo including the Allahabad Bank ATMs will accept the card.
  1. What are the main benefits of being Allahabad Bank Debit Card holder?

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One of the major benefit of having the ATM cum Debit card is that you can enjoy the direct access to your account anywhere and that you can withdraw money at any ATMs for any use.
  1. The PIN is of how many digits? Can the PIN be changed?

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The ATM will always have 4 digits PIN. The PIN can be changed from any Allahabad bank ATM or at any NFS bank ATM. New ATM PIN can also be created through the customer’s Online Internet Banking service.
  1. Are there any charge for use of ATMs at other bank ATMs?

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The customer can do an unlimited number of transaction from the Allahabad bank ATM but can only transact 5 times for free in a month from other bank ATM.
  1. Are there any withdrawal limit for the ATM cum Debit card of the Allahabad Bank?

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The cash withdrawal limit at ATM is Rupee 25,000 per day and rupee 25,000 per day at merchants and outlet stores. For the Gold card the limit for cash withdrawal is 50000 and 100000for withdrawal and e-com respectively and rupee 100000 and rupee 200000 for the platinum card customers. The limits are subjected to availability of the balance in the account.
  1. Where to contact for any assistance regarding any issue related to the transaction?

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In case the customer faces any issues while doing the transaction at ATMs or POS or e-com, the user must contact the customer care centre at 1800220363 or can email at [email protected]. The home branch can also be visited to resolve the problem.

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