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An Expert Guide For South Indian Bank Deposits

Bank deposits play a significant role in our life and it is important as well. If you are having cash and you are feeling it is not secure. So the place you can trust to keep your money is the bank, it will surveillance your money which you have deposited, this facility is made for the customers. The money you are depositing in South India Bank Accounts, the bank account can be various types as we mentioned in above part.

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South Indian Bank Types of Deposits

I can say the types of deposits vary from bank to bank and the South Indian Bank has a no of various programs of deposits. And according to the selection of the bank deposits, the interest rate varies. The interest rates on the deposits differ according to the stint of your bank deposits. Here is the list of the deposits which the South India Bank provides:

South Indian Bank Deposits Interest Rates

The South Indian Bank Deposits Interest rates are mentioned in the below images:


  • You can also compare interest rates of different banks  HDFC Bank DepositsIndusInd Bank Deposits and Union Bank Of India Deposits with SIB.
  • These are the list of interest rates for the bank deposits. You might hold various types of accounts so you will be getting also various types of the interest rates according to your bank account. To check the deposit status use secured South India Bank Net Banking.
  • We can say that on the basis of the stint of deposits we can classify deposit interest rates accordingly.

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Interest rate for this at stint of 1 year is approx. 4.00% to 7.00%


in this case it is from 6.50 to 6.75%.


approx. 0.50%

FAQ’s Related to South Indian Bank Deposits

1. Can an individual have any number of the basic savings bank deposit account in one bank?

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No, that can’t be possible, one man will be having only one bank deposit account.
  1. What kind of services are available with bank deposits?
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There is various type of services available with bank deposits like deposition and withdrawal of the cash, you can receive the receipt of the money that you are withdrawing from the bank branch or ATM as well.
  1. Whether bank are free to offer more facilities than those prescribed for the bank saving deposits account?
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The bank does offer many additional services free of cost.

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