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An Expert Guide For SBI Deposits

State Bank of India is a most suitable bank to deposit your funds . Whether customer likes to deposit monthly or lump sum through deposit schemes to build up your savings slowly for your Children’s education, marriage and construct home or other. SBI offers a large number of deposit schemes for every customers based on their requirements. Now, we have a look on the SBI Fixed Deposit (FD) rates for different deposit schemes.

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SBI Fixed Deposits & Interest Rate

State bank of India (SBI) Fixed deposit is a safest savings investments which offers a highest returns after completed a period. The interest of FD is more than the general SBI Savings Account. The banks is also providing loans at competitive rates by exchanging of the Fixed Deposit certificates. SBI fixed deposit Schemes has so many types such as SBI term deposit, SBI tax saving scheme, SBI fixed deposit reinvestment plan, SBI MODS, SBI recurring deposit, SBI annuity deposit scheme, and State Bank of India flexi deposit scheme. The deposit period of SBI range from a small period 7 days to long term period 10 years as per the customer requirements. The minimum amount of deposit is Rs. 1000/- up to maximum amount (No Limit). The interest rates of SBI FD has given below.

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Interest Rates of SBI Fixed Deposit

Here we are providing the Interest rate for less than Rs. 1 cr.

    Maturity Period                                                            Interest Rate

                                                                                   General        Senior Citizens
7 to 45 days                                                                   5.5                 6
46 to 179 days                                                               6.5                 7
180 to 210 days                                                            6.5                 7
211 to less than 1 year                                                 6.5                 7
1 year                                                                              6.75               7.25
Above 1 year to 455 days                                            6.5                 7
456 days to less than 2 years                                     6.5                 7
2 years to less than 3 years                                        6.25               6.75
3 years to less than 5 years                                        6.25               6.75

5 years and up to 10 years                                          6.25              6.75

This bank provides a best SBI Customer Care Services to clarify the any queries about online SBI deposit issues. Also check HDFC Deposits for better banking in India.


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