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Complete Guide For Bank of India Debit Cards

Debit cards functions in two ways, one like an ATM to withdraw cash and can function like a check when buying items. While using as an ATM or like a debit card, the money used is transacted or debited from the saving bank account or the current deposit account of the Bank of India.
I you are looking for BOI Loans then Bank of India provides any type of loans at low interest rates to their Bank of India Account holders. Some of the advantages of the credit are that one cannot overuse debit card as one cannot go possibly go in debt and one don’t have to carry a chequebook and show an Id card.
One of the main disadvantages in regard to the debit card is the high risk of theft when shopping online using the debit card. Along with Debit Cards BOI also provides the Bank of India Credit Cards.

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Bank of India Debit Card with offers

Some of the benefits offered by the Bank of India Debit card are as follows:

  • One can transact any number of using the ATM for free from the Bank of India ATMs and 5 free transaction from the other banks.
  • One has the freedom to issue debit card of RuPay or Visa or MasterCard.

You can also check the other banks Debit Card offers such as Allahabad Bank Debit CardsAxis Bank Debit Cards and Andhra Bank Debit Cards.

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Frequently asked questions related to the Bank of India Debit Card

1. In how many forms is debit card issued?

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Debit card by Bank of India is issued in two forms, first is personalized card in which the name of the owner is printed on the card and the PIN of the debit card is received at the communication address of the card holder and the second one is the non-personalized card in which the card holder’s name is not printed and the benefit with the non-personalized card if that the card can be provided the same day it is applied with the PIN and it becomes operational the next day.
2. On what platforms are the bank of India debit cards issued?
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Bank of India debit card are issued in 3 platforms. The three platforms are MasterCard, VISA and RuPay, all the three can be used at any ATMs and all the merchant stores and outlet and equipped with the POS machine. The debit card can also be used at the online shopping stores and other utility service web page.

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