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Easy Guide For Bank of India Mobile app

Reserve bank of India has noticed all the banks to encourage mobile banking and it plays a major role in digitalizing the India. With the ease of banking people are getting addicted to the mobile banking application. One just needs to do a few touch and the transfer of money from one account into the other is done.
One can do anytime banking and anywhere around the world, one can do any number of transactions and can do banking operations even after the banking hours, while travelling or anywhere on the earth banking services can be used with the use of mobile banking.
The important thing about the mobile banking is it’s free of cost, and there is no limitation on the number of times one can access the BOI Account.

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Bank of India Mobile Application

The mobile banking services can availed by all the customers having retail internet banking account. The mobile banking application are compatible with only the smart phone and for android 2.2, 2.3, 3.0 and 4.0, for blackberry 4.6, 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0 and for iPhone 4.0 and 5.0. The customers can download from their respective app store like Play Store for android, Blackberry World for the blackberry phone and for iPhones, App store. The application can be downloaded from the respective app store and no other downloading options are available currently for the customers.You can download Allmobile for different versions like BOI App for Android, BOI App for windows and BOI App for IOS.
Below are the points for installation and user guidelines for mobile banking application:

  • Customer have to download the app form their respective app store. For example android user needs to download the application from the Play store.
  • After the customer has successfully downloaded and installed the mobile banking application, user needs to send a SMS by typing ‘starotp’ and has to send it to on the following mobile number 9810558585 from his registered mobile number. You can get access for both BOI Credit Cards and BOI Debit Cards with this BOI Mobile App.
  • The mobile banking application can be installed and used on any handset or smart phone that operates on the android or blackberry or iOS operating system. Though the SMS for registration needs to be sent from the registered mobile number only.
  • When the user opens the mobile banking application, he/she need to accept the terms and condition of the mobile banking application before proceeding.
  • In the first place, when the app is being operated the user need to activate himself/herself by registered and entering the details like the Name, Mobile number and also the OTP received on the registered mobile number.
  • After the successful registration at the first place, now the customer need to set a MPIN for the mobile banking operations, which would be used every time the user opens the app for subsequent use.
  • Once the MPIN setting is done, subsequent can be done without entering the OTP or mobile number, only the user ID and the mobile number is used.
  • MPIN needs to be changed before a specific interval on time, by the ‘Change OTP’ option under the more TAB. If you are looking for BOI Loans then Bank of India provides any type of loans at low interest rate.

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Bank of India Mobile Banking

Bank of India mobile banking service, state of art facility, which allows one to do all the banking activities from the smart phone using the mobile application. With the star Connect mobile banking application one can access all his banking account in the bank round the clock and round the year and from anywhere around the world.
Almost all most the features like mini statement, account balance, Utility bill payment, ticket booking, self-transfer, money transfer to third party etc. can be done using the mobile banking application.You can also use BOI Net Banking for the same banking tasks. You can also compare features of Bank of India with United Bank of India Mobile ApplicationPNB Mobile App and Yes Bank Mobile Application.

Frequently asked questions related to the Bank of India

1.How do customer avail mobile banking solution?

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First is the customer can register through the BOI branch. Customer can go to their nearest bank branch to avail the mobile banking facility and request the same in a prescribed application form. The bank branch verifies the ‘Know your customer’ of the customer and hence input the online mobile banking request.
Second way the customers can register online using the online internet banking credentials:
If one is having retail internet banking account active, he/she can register for the Bank of India BTM just by using his details about his/her internet banking retail account.
The procedure or steps for registering using the internet banking are as under:
⦁ The user need to login into his/her internet banking and then go to request menu and click on the link ‘BTM mobile banking’.
⦁ Once you click on the BTM mobile banking, a screen will appear where the customer will get many options like enrol for mobile banking, modify or change the existing mobile banking request and request for transaction password for mobile banking.
⦁ If one is new for the mobile banking, he/she needs to click in the enrol for mobile banking option. The internet banking web page will validate the constitution code and will display the following screen if the constitution of the account is individual.
⦁ Once the above steps are done, one need to wait until the user id is generated and is send to the registered mobile number through SMS.
2. What are the prerequisites for the Bank of India Mobile banking application?
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Below are the prerequisites of the mobile banking application:
a) The smart phone must be GPS enabled.
b) The mobile number must be registered with the bank.
3. How do one download the mobile banking BTM app?
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The mobile banking app ‘BTM’ is compatible with the following phone:
⦁ Android: The user whose mobile phone has android can download the application from play store. The bank of India mobile application would be of the name BOI-BTM, make sure you download only the official app and don’t download other fake apps available on the play store.
⦁ Blackberry: Blackberry user can download the app from the blackberry App world. Make sure to download the official app of the bank only.
⦁ IPhone: Bank of India mobile application is available on the App store, so the iPhone user can download the mobile banking BTM app from the App store.
4. How to activate the mobile banking?
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One has follow the below steps to get his mobile banking activated:
⦁ After the user has downloaded the application in his/her phone from their respective app store, one need to send an SMS from his/her registered mobile number on the number 9810558585 and send ‘starotp’.
⦁ Once the SMS has been delivered, the user will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number. Now the customer need to enter the OTP and set the MPIN of the mobile application app. MPIN is a four digit number.
⦁ Activation of the mobile application is done once, and for getting in the mobile banking application in future, one only needs the User name and MPIN. The MPIN needs to be changed by the user before a time for security purpose.
5. How to generate the transaction password for the mobile banking application?
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Changing or removing or setting the transaction password can be done through the mobile app only. The changing, removing and setting options are available in the more menu of the mobile application. The request for the transaction password can be made at the home branch and the transaction password would be forwarded by the bank by SMS on the registered mobile number or at the communication address through post or one can also request for the transaction password using the internet banking portal by just using the internet banking credentials.
6. What are the diff. features available on the mobile application of BOI-BTM?
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Below are the diff. features available to the customers using the BOI-BTM:
a) One can check the list of the different operative account of the customer in the bank.
B) One can check his/her current balance conveniently
c) One don’t need to go to the nearby ATM to check the mini statement, he/she can check that comfortably sitting at home using the internet banking. Not just mini statements one can also have a look on the detailed transaction history related to the account.
d) One can transfer fund from one account to another including the scheduled or recurring options too.
e) One can see the transaction history in the operative accounts too.
f) On can also disable the mobile banking request using the mobile banking app.
g) The user can also do person to person fund transfer via the IMPS services by just using the IMPS and Mobile number, in case the other account is also of bank of India and has been registered on the mobile banking application.
h) In case the user is not of Bank of India or the of bank of India user is not registered on the mobile banking application, the customer can transfer fund to such account by using the details like account number, IFSC code, account holder name and the address of the branch etc.
i) One can even change the MPIN, changing of MPIN after frequent interval is a good habit as there is risk of theft and for different security purposes it is recommended that one should change his MPIN regularly in some time interval.
j) One can also reset the MPIN, in case the user has forgotten his/her MPIN.
K) One can also check the status of all the listed loan account.
l) One can locate the nearby ATM of the bank of India, which can be if the mobile is enabled with the GPS or can be manually by entering the location and one can also locate the nearby branches of the bank of India, in case the person needs any emergency support.
7. What is IMPS?
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IMPS stands for Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) which is the service provided by the NPCI empowering bank, with which the customers can transfer money immediately with any of the IMPS enabled member bank across the India. The IMPS service is very renowned as it enables the user to transfer money round the clock and round the year, unlike the NEFT. IMPS service is known for its simplicity in the transaction flow and is also available in Bank of India mobile banking, internet banking and in the ATM channels.
8. Currently, how does inter-bank fund transfer takes place in the mobile phone banking app?
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Various bank are providing different types of facility through the mobile banking app. Generally the inter-bank fund transfer takes place through the NEFT that stands for National Electronic Fund Transfer. The transfer of the fund through NEFT may not be immediate as it is done in the time interval of 9 am to 7 pm.
9. Do one need to get registered for transferring fund using IMPS?
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Yes, one has to get the mobile number registered if he/she wants to transfer fund using the IMPS services. After which one need get the BTM app registered with the laid procedures.
10. Can a person link more than one account with the same mobile phone number?
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Yes, one can link more than one account with the same mobile number.
11. Are the beneficiary customer also required to register for the IMPS services?
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The beneficiary customer need to have their mobile number got registered with the bank in which he/she intends to receive the credit and should have valid MMID provided by the bank.
12. How do the user generate or retrieve or cancel his MMID?
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MMID is seven digit number. Below are the ways to generate or retrieve or cancel the MMID:
a) For the generation of MMID: One need to send a SMS from the registered mobile number typing MMID to the number 9810558585. Else one can also login into the application, and go to the IMPS section and find the option generating MMID and click on the same. By clicking on the option MMIDs would be generated and will be displayed on the mobile screen.
b) For retrieval of the MMID: The user need to type the word MMID from the registered mobile number and send the text to the mobile number 9810558585. All the pre-existing MMID would be retrieve and displayed on the handset. Otherwise after logging into the application, on can go to the immediate service payment option and click on the option retrieval of MMID. And by clicking on the option all the MMID would be generated and will be displayed on the screen of your smart phone.
c) For cancellation of the MMIDs: If the user wish to de-activate the Immediate Payment service by deactivating the MMID, the one can send a SMS from his/her registered mobile number by sending the keyword CANCEL MMID or CANCEL MMID. Apart from this the customer can go to the mobile banking application and go under the section Immediate payment service option and click on the cancel MMID button and it would get cancel from the BTM application.
13. What is the process for flow of the IMPS?
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The process flow are described below in five steps:
a) Remitter, from the mobile banking application, sends instruction.
b) The remitting bank validates the information of the remitter and hence debits the account. The transaction is sent by the bank remitting to the NPCI.
c) Now the transaction is passed on by the NPCI to the beneficiary bank. Beneficiary bank checks and validates the detail of the beneficiary customer, and then credits the account and send a confirmation to the NPCI about the transaction status and sends SMS to the customer informing him of the credit.
d) NPCI sends transaction status to the remitting bank which informs the customer about the transaction.
e) A confirmation SMS is even send to the remitting customer by the remitting bank.
14. Are there any limit on value of the transaction in the IMPS?
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Yes there are limit to which the amount of transaction that can take place using the IMPS facility. Currently there can be transaction up to a maximum of rupee 50000 per day.
15. Do the customers need a mobile phone of a particular model or mobile phone features with some specification to use the IMPS service on the mobile banking application BOI-BTM?
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Currently, the bank of India has enabled IMPS using the mobile banking application, so the requirement for IMPS service is similar to the mobile banking application requirement. One only needs to have an android or iPhone or blackberry phone to use the IMPS facility.

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