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Punjab National Bank Debit Cards Brief Guide

Punjab National Bank issue debit cards with magnetic strip and chip.  These cards can be used to withdraw money from ATMs,  to pay at Point of Sale (POS) machines installed at retail stores of merchant establishments, and for e-commerce transactions made at websites. Cards issued against the accounts opened as part of Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) scheme does only have the magnetic strip and can be used only for ATM withdrawals and not at POS machines and online purchases. Along with debit cards PNB also provides  PNB Credit Cards to their PNB Account holders.

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PNB Debit Card Registration

An account holder can obtain Debit card from any PNB  branch by submitting card application form. Non-personalized card is issued immediately and personalized card is issued in 7-10 days. The card PIN can be setup at PNB ATM using OTP or by logging into ISB account and using OTP. The customer can generate duplicate PIN by sending SMS to 5607040 from registered mobile number in the format – DCPIN space CARDNUMBER . You can change your Debit Card pin with Check your account status with the help of PNB Net Banking.

PNB Debit Cards

PNB issues debit cards in Rupay and Master variants.  Platinum and Classic are two types of cards with a different set of benefits to customers. If you have any querys about debit cards you can contact PNB Customer Care for instant help.

Cash withdrawal limits with the Platinum card are: INR 15,000 per transaction and a daily limit of  INR 50,000. The limits for the Classic type of card are: INR 15,000 per transaction and a daily limit of  INR 25,000.

The platinum card has limit of INR 1,25,000 for POS/e-commerce transactions and the same for the Classic card is INR 60,000.  Accidental/disability insurance of INR 2,00,000 is provided to the customer with the platinum card and the insurance of INR 50,000 is provided to the customer with the Classic type of card.  Personalized as well as Non Personalized type of Classic cards are issued by Bank.

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Customers have an option to apply for 2 additional cards for family members using the same account of the account holder. At the time of issuance of the card, the customer can add up to maximum 3 accounts to a card with one of them as the primary account. If you are looking for loans at low interest rates then PNB Loans provides all type of loans at low interest.

PNB also issue an International Debit card with EMV chip (Europay, Master, and Visa) for the customers who frequently travel abroad for education/business/other purposes. This card is valid in India and abroad. The card is valid for 7 years from the date of issue.

Every purchase using POS and e-commerce platform would earn 1 reward point for the customer and can be redeemed for Merchandise, movie tickets, bus/flight tickets etc.

FAQ’s Related to PNB Debit Cards

  1. What are the options available for the customer to report the lost/stolen card?

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In the event of the card is lost/stolen, customer needs to block/hotlist the card immediately using one of the options:  (a)  Visiting branch and placing the request, (b) Sending SMS to 5607040 from the registered mobile in the format –  HOT followed by a space and number of card to be hot listed, (c) Calling 24 hour call center representative available at either toll free numbers – 1800 180 2222 or 1800 103 2222 or paid helpline number – 0120-2490000, (d) Direct call to ATM switch number – 011-23319972.

2. What are the different charges associated with PNB debit card usage?

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There are many transactions that can be availed by the customer without any charge. However, there are some transactions for which customer needs to pay.

  • Transactions made at other bank ATMs are charged at Rs. 20 (Financial transactions) and Rs. 9 (Non-Financial Transactions), beyond the number of free transactions allowed in a calendar month.
  • International transactions at ATMs are charged differently – Rs. 150/- per transaction (cash withdrawal), and Rs. 30/- per transaction (Non-financial Transaction).

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