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Mini Guide For Union Bank Of India Mobile Banking

Union Bank Of India offers its customer mobile banking service through UMobile application. UMobile is a very modern and the most convenient of all the banking experience. UBI UMobile provides its customer a very secure way to commerce and bank anywhere anytime. Using UMobile the UBI customers can check account balance, account statement, know the status of the cheque, stop cheque, transfer money to other UBI Account to to some diff. bank account, know the UBI ATM and branch locations etc all just with your finger touch on your mobile phone.

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Union Bank Of India Mobile Banking Registration

The customers of Union Bank Of India who have a debit can avail the mobile banking service by filling the application form at any UBI branch or by registering for Banking services at UBI ATMs or by registering online at the UBI official web page or by simple sign up after installing the application.

Online UMobile registration requires filling the following details:

  • Debit card number and it PIN of the UBI Debit Card issued to the customer.
  • Account number that is linked to the above debit card.
  • Date Of Birth or PAN number, any one is required and the same should be in the record at the UBI branch.
  • Registered Mobile number that is present in the record at the UBI branch.
  • E-mail that was provided at the opening of the account or as updated.
  • Only Indian member can use the services of UMobile.
  • If any of the above info. is not in the record in UBI branch then one should update and then register for mobile banking.

Register for the mobile banking

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Union Bank Of India Mobile Banking with Features And Benefits

The Umobile Application is available for four mobile platforms:

You can download the Umobile for different version from bellow links.

Keeping in mind the needs of customer having low-end models handset or non-smart phones, the same facilities of the UMobile Application can be used by SMS based mobile service.

The wide range of services provided by UMobile secured application are:

  • The customer can with just one click know their saving / current account balance.
  • The customer can know about their detailed or mini statement (Last nine transactions) just with few touch on the screen.
  • Transfer of funds in UBI accounts can be done from mobile to mobile if the other customer is registered on UMobile or even from mobile to account with entering some extra details.Also check the other bank mpobile app services
  • Funds can be transferred to different bank account by NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer). UBi also provides the best offers on UBI Credit Cards.
  • Customer can do IMPS fund transfer which allows you to transfer money all 365 days in a year by using mobile no. and MMID or Account no. and IFSC or Aadhaar number.
  • The customer can generate MMID with just few touch.
  • The customers can generate OTPs.
  • The customer can do easily mobile recharges.
  • The customers can do temple or charity donations.
  • The customers can do Fees payment.
  • The customers can pay utility bills.
  • The customers can know the status of their cheques and stop payment of cheques.
  • The customer can hotlist debit card or even credit card.
  • One can easily find the locations of the ATMs and UBI branches. Instead of mobile app you can also use UBI Net Banking.

FAQ’s Related to Union Bank Of India UMobile (Mobile Banking)

  1. Who are eligible to use UMobile mobile banking service of Union Bank Of India?

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UBI customers having Saving Banking Account or Current Account or Overdraft Account and own a debit card are eligible to use the UMobile application. Note: The account must have been opened in accordance with the Know Your Customer (KYC) norms.

2. How can I register for UMobile?

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The customer can register from the UBI branch by filling the mobile banking application form or by registering at any UBI’s ATM or register online on the official page of UBI www.unionbankofindia.co.in or signup for mobile banking just after installing the UMobile mobile application. A four-digit mPIN will be provided after successful registration.

3. I want to avail the mobile banking service of the UBI. How can I avail the service?

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In order to use the services of UMobile, the customer needs to have a debit card and smart phone or a java enabled phone. In case the customer has a low-end phone or no smartphone, then he/she can use the same service as UMobile by using the SMS mobile banking service. There are defined formats on the official webpage which the customer has to use while doing SMS to use their services.

4. Will I be able to use the UMobile application while roaming?

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Yes, the customers can use the UMobile application and SMS mobile banking service all around India.

5. How can I install the application on my smartphone?

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The customers are provided the download link for UMobile after registration through SMS on their registered mobile phone number or the user can download the application from the application store (UMobile is available on Google Play Store, App Store, Market place and Blackberry World) or give a missed call to 09223060000 from your smart phone.

6. When and how do I get an mPIN?

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mPIN is generated after successful registration and sent to the registered mobile number, which the customer needs to change using SMS or through the app to enjoy the mobile banking services.

7. How many accounts can be operated by the UMobile in the smartphone?

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All the account of the customer can be linked to the same customer id using the Instant Activation.

8. How is the UMobile application services different than the SMS banking service of the bank?

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Using SMS banking services one can only enquire about the account details but with the UMobile application, one can beside inquiry also do fund transfer, recharge etc.

9. How safe and secure is to use the UMobile application?

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UMobile has been developed according to all the recommendation of the Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) to make the application safe and secure. So, the user can without any hesitation enjoy the quick mobile banking services.

10. How to enquire the balance using the UMobile application?

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The customer has to select the option balance inquiry, enter the mPIN and know the balance in the account.

11. How many lists of the transaction will a person will know by Mini statement?

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The UMobile application let you know the mini statement only and only last nine transactions are displayed in mini transaction.

12. Do a customer need to know the account number of the beneficiary?

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One has to register the account number of the beneficiary and also know the account for future reference.

13. For a transaction how much time do UMobile takes?

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Generally, UMobile take few second for a transaction. Actually, it solely depends on the speed provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and some time on the server of the Union Bank Of India.

14. How much money maximum a user can transfer in a day?

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The customer using UMobile Application can transfer up to 2 lakhs amount per day and use the SMS tag up to 5000 rupees.

15. What are the charges applicable for the UMobile mobile banking customers?

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At present, there are no charges for the service of mobile banking. The customers can use the services for absolutely free.

16. I have forgotten the mPIN. What is the procedure for generating new mPIN?

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Ans. For re-generation of the mPIN, call on toll-free number 1800222244 or e-mail us the same at [email protected] from your registered email address.

17. I want to quit using the UMobile Application. What are the steps to de-register mobile banking services?

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You have to visit the nearest branch of Union bank to stop the mobile banking services.

18. How to see the history of old transactions?

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The customer needs to visit the union bank webpage and select the option ‘reports’ after the mPIN validation and can view his/her old transactions.

19. I want to hot list my mobile. Whom should I contact?

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You can call on our 24/7 helpline number (Toll-free number: 1800222244) and the customer care executive will ask you your mobile number/debit card no. and account number for hotlisting the mobile banking.

20. What are the additional feature provided in the mobile banking?

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New additional services are mobile recharge, MTNL bill payment, IMPS using Aadhar number, IMPS using the Account number and IFSC, IMPS merchant payment.

21. Is there a need for credit card for making payment through UMobile?

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A credit card is not required for any kind of payment, UMobile mobile banking is directly linked to the customer Saving bank account or current account or add-on account. Any transaction made using mobile banking will actually result in debiting the same amount from the user’s account.

22. What are diff. ways of communication available in UMobile?

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The customer can select SMS or GPRS as a mode of communication, as per his convenience.

23. For transferring money to other account do I have to register the account details every time?

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For each account, the account beneficiary registration is done only for the first time. For fund transfer in that account for the second, third and for any number of time, one the use the same beneficiary account.

24. Can I recharge another phone number from UMobile?

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Yes, UMobile user can recharge all the prepaid number.

25. While making transactions and payment through UMobile will I receive any receipt?

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Every time a customer makes a payment he will get a confirmation message for every successful transaction with transaction id.

26. What are steps for blocking the card on UMobile?

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Steps for hot listing the card:

  • On the home screen on mobile application select option “Other services”.
  • Now click on block card option.
  • Now enter the mPIN to block the card.

27. How can I De-hotlist the card using UMobile?

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The customer can’t de-hotlist the card using the UMobile application. For de-hotlisting, one has to necessarily visit the nearest branch of UBI.

28. How can a person locate Union Bank Of India ATMs and Branches using UMobile?

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The customers can through area/city and pin code of location search the ATMS and the UBI branches.

29. What is the procedure to stop the cheque?

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Following steps are to be followed to stop the cheque:

  • On the home screen of the app, go to the option “Other services”.
  • Now enter the cheque number.
  • Finally, enter the mPIN to stop the cheque.

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